Fantasy League

Fantasy Shots Week 18: Second-to-last chance

Somehow it’s already Week 18 , the second-to-last week for the fantasy league. This week has six games and then Week 19 has eight games, so there’s still plenty of time left to gain or lose crucial points.

As for me, I’m tied for 32nd overall. The highlight was definitely coming in third for Week 15 and there have also been plenty of low points. Leaving 39 points on the bench last week is one of them.

Seattle and FCKC both have double games this week, and each of them face Boston, who in addition to being eliminated is also on the road against both teams.

Goalkeeper: Hope Solo# (SEA)

Backup: B. Cameron (SBFC)

Solo has two games this week, one against Houston and the other against Boston. The Reign are overwhelmingly the favorite in both and two clean sheets wouldn’t be a surprise. With plenty of allocated players this week, I didn’t want to waste an allocated spot on a backup goalkeeper. I went with Cameron, the non-allocated starting goalkeeper with the best chance this week. The Thorns are on the road, where they’ve won one out of eight games this season, making me more confident in Cameron.

Defenders: K. O’Hara# (SBFC), A. LePeilbet (FCKC), L. Robinson (FCKC), K. Fletcher (SEA)

Backup: T. Hemmings (CRS)

FCKC has two home games this week and so I went with four at the back since I liked my options and I couldn’t find a bunch of non-allocated midfielders. O’Hara is still listed as a defender despite being a forward. LePeilbet and Robinson combined have a 9.59 PPM, so with two games I decided to go with both of them. If you’re picking one of the two, I’d go with LePeilbet since she suffers far more fouls. I’ve got enough Seattle Reign in the rest of my roster that I can’t double down on defense, but I would if I could. It’s Fletcher vs Corsie for the Reign spot and there’s not much difference between the two.  I went with Fletcher since she’s in my lineup already so I don’t have to swap them out. Laziness at its peak.

Midfielders: K. Little (C), C. Dunn# (WAS), J. Fishlock (SEA)

Backup: A. Long (PTFC)

I really, really want to put Holiday in here. I’m nervous about her health though, so I’m waiting for the injury report today to make my final call. If she’s looking good, I’d swap her out for Fishlock, take O’Hara out at defense and put in Corsie. If not, this lineup will stay as is. Little and Fishlock have easy games this week and their unallocatedness (new word?) make them some of the only choices in the midfield this week. Captain Dunn saved my squad last week, but she’s got a tough game against FCKC and Little has two easy games.

Forwards: A. Rodriguez# (VC) (FCKC), C. Press# (CRS), B. Yanez (SBFC)

Backup: S. Kerr (SBFC)

Rodriguez has two home games against Boston and Washington, neither of which do well on the road. Yanez also has two games against struggling teams, so both her and Rodriguez are pretty much automatic. Press is a bit trickier. She’s only got one game, but given that it is at home against the Flash, that fact and her scoring rate make her a good pick up top. If you don’t want another allocated player, Kerr is a good option posting a 10.5 PPM.


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