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Return of (some) World Cup players: Fantasy Shots Week 12

Looking back at the Fantasy Shots from this season, I complained a lot about the emotional highs and lows of having a fantasy team. I guess that was preparation for the World Cup in some ways because the past week or two have been heartbreak after heartbreak. After Lavogez missed the deciding penalty kick, I couldn’t think of anyone worse off. But now, I think I’d rather be Lavogez than Bassett.

While the final is this Sunday, several World Cup players are back with their club teams. Now, instead of them breaking your heart at the World Cup, they’ll be your heartbreak in the Fantasy League. Cheery.

The majority of these players are Canadian or Australian internationals. For the most part, the Canadian allocated players have already played a couple games so far, but here are some other internationals that haven’t. United States internationals will most likely be available for FC Kansas City vs the Breakers this Thursday, but minutes aren’t a sure thing so it’s kind of a gamble.

Sam Kerr and Caitlin Foord arrive at a New Jersey side that needs any help it get and play the second-worst team (Sky Blue is in last-place) Friday. Meg Morris and Lo’Eau LaBonta were waived to make room for the Australians. If Sky Blue was playing any team besides Portland these two wouldn’t be worth the risk, but the presence of those two could lead Sky Blue to its first win since the opening week.

The Breakers signed Kyah Simon, a former Breaker, and her impressive run of form in the World Cup will be needed in order to repeat the Breakers’ home win over FC Kansas City this May.

Portland signed Clare Polkinghorne who is coming off a hamstring injury and failed to make an appearance in the Matildas’ quarterfinal World Cup run. The Thorns’ defense has only managed two clean sheets this season but faces Sky Blue FC who has scored an average of .6 goals a match this season.

The Spirit signed Australian Hayley Raso, who didn’t make an appearance this World Cup, and Nigerian internationals Ngozi Okobi and Josephine Chukwunonye. None of these three players are predicted to be an impact player.

Danish forward Katrine Veje arrived with the Reign this Wednesday but will likely be a depth player on the stacked Seattle roster. She won’t be available until the game on July 11.

I’m So Dunn Week 12

Formation: 4-3-3

I decided to switch to a 4-3-3 this week since I wanted two FCKC defenders. It ended up coming down to another FCKC defender or Allie Long and FCKC defense with two games this week sounds much better.

Goalkeeper: N. Barnhart# (FCKC)

Backup: H. Kopmeyer (SRFC)

I think Kopmeyer has a better chance at a clean sheet than Barnhart, but Barnhart will make more saves than Kopmeyer since she has double games. Though Kopmeyer faces Lynn Williams, who is heavy on shots on goal but not goals. It’s tricky. I’ve been going back and forth on this for a couple of days now.

Defenders: A. LePeilbet (FCKC), K. Fletcher (SEA), W. Church (WAS), L. Robinson (FCKC)

Backup: E. Menges (PTFC)

Besides Taryn Hemmings, who has a bye this week, LePeilbet and Robinson have the second and third-highest overall points, respectively. The Spirit scored three goals against them this April, but their second game is against Boston who has started struggling lately. While FCKC has had a great defense this season, they’ve struggled to score goals (sounds like a certain national team). Rodriguez will likely be back for the Thursday game, but Church has a good chance of a clean sheet this Friday.

Midfielders: C. Dunn# (WAS), K. Little (SEA), J. Fishlock* (SEA)

Backup: A. Long (PTFC)

Dunn’s got a tougher matchup than Fishlock and Little who face Western New York, so I made Dunn my vice-captain and Fishlock my captain. Just prepared, because me doing this means Dunn will score a hat-trick. Little is back to her 2014 self and so are the Reign. Fishlock is great between her assists and goals so I’ll probably make her my captain but perhaps Little.

Forwards: B. Yanez (SEA), A. Rodriguez# (FCKC), C. Sinclair# (PTFC)

Backup: K. Simon (BOS)

Yanez leads the forwards in overall fantasy points and faces the Western New York Flash. Not exactly a pushover, but not a challenge for the Reign. Also, Matthias is out so she’ll have more responsibility. Rodriguez will likely be back and starting for the Blues game on July 9 so I’m taking a gamble here, but I think it will pay off. Sinclair will face a (putting it lightly) struggling Sky Blue side but also I’m banking on the Thorns turning it around post-World Cup.


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