Women's World Cup

By the Numbers: 2015 Women’s World Cup

With only two matches remaining in Canada at the 2015 Women’s World Cup, we looked into some intriguing stats that have caught our eyes during the action. From high attendances for the host nation, to controversies involving managers and yellow card accumulation, here are the numbers.

1: Number of times Germany has had to go to a shootout in the knockout stages (in seven Women’s World Cups).

2: Number of teams looking to add another championship star to their crest.

3: Number of times the U.S. has had to go to a shootout in the knockout stage in program history, winning two.

4: Number of goals scored by host Canada.

4: Players who have played every minute of the World Cup (540 minutes in six matches)

5: Teams that made the knockout stage for the first time in program history: Switzerland, Korea Republic, Cameroon, Netherlands, Colombia

6: All six matches for both England and Japan have been decided by one goal.

6: Number of goals scored by 2015 Women’s World Cup leading scorer Celia Sasic (Germany).

7: Teams that made their Women’s World Cup debut: Costa Rica, Ecuador, Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland, Cameroon and Thailand.

7:  Different goal scorers Japan has had during the World Cup.

9: Players suspended due to yellow card accumulation.

15: Matches that saw a substitute score a goal.

17: Number of penalty kicks converted for goals.

20: Goals scored by Germany.

25: Goals scored after the 80th minute.

25: Women’s World Cup record for goals scored in a single tournament. (United States 1991, Germany 2003)

31: Times the goalposts have denied a goal.

52.1: Minutes on Average playing time per match. Average playing time is how many minutes per match that the ball is in play.

89: Number of different players that have scored this tournament.

105: Yellow cards issued during the tournament

140: Goals scored after the semifinals.

149: Shots taken by Germany during the tournament.

439: Total shots on goal by all teams during the tournament.

513: Minutes that the U.S. hasn’t allowed a goal

1,273: Total shots taken by all 24 teams during the tournament

35,131: Average attendance for a United States match.

48,380: Average attendance for a Canada match.


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