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Hoping for Less Rain: Fantasy Shots Week 11

Last week went pretty bad. Like 64 points kind of bad. I had two starting midfielders (including my captain) as part of the Chicago vs Washington rainout and also my backup midfielder. That said, shout out to FreeKick Murphys, a member of the Nutmeg Inc Fantasy Shots group, who not only put Betos in, but made her your captain. You’ve got my never-ending jealousness.

Week 11:  I’m So Dunn
Formation:  3-4-3

Goalkeeper: Michele Dalton* (CRS)

Backup: K. Wys (WAS)

Chicago faces Sky Blue this week, the team that makes any defense a great defense, and the same goes for goalkeepers. Chicago kept a clean sheet against them earlier this season and I think that’s unlikely to change.

As for Wys… not a lot of other options.

Defenders: T. Hemmings (CRS), L. Robinson (FCKC), A. Gilliland (CRS)

Backup: M. Oyster (WAS)

Hemmings and Gilliland are great chances for a clean sheet. Robinson will have a tough test against a potent Reign offense but it should be an interesting matchup and it’s rare that defenders (as long as they aren’t foul happy) end up hurting the squad, so it’s worth the shot.

Oyster also got a goal last week (doesn’t count because of the rain out) and she isn’t a part of the same team or game as the other defenders so it’s pretty safe.

Midfielders: C. Dunn (WAS), K. Mewis (BOS), J. Fishlock (SEA), C. Nairn (WAS)

Backup: K. Little (SEA)

Dunn and Nairn are solid picks any week, but also have the benefit of playing under a half last week due to rain delays. A bit nervous about two Spirit players since there’s a high chance of storms Saturday evening but that’s also true for pretty much any summer night in D.C. Mewis only trails Brittany Cameron and Dunn in terms of points, mainly due to her 20 shots on goal. Mewis has converted three of those and hasn’t had an assist, but with shots on goal being worth 3 fantasy points, she’s a useful tool. Fishlock and the Reign have been doing quite well recently. Little got a goal as well in the game against Boston and she’s my backup.

Forwards: J. McDonald (HOU), B. Yanez (SEA), S. Huerta~ (CRS)

Backup: L. Williams (WNY)

McDonald has height that can challenge a diminutive Spirit and is third in the league in goals scored. Above her is Huerta, the rookie that also played less than a half last week due to rain. Yanz leads the forwards in fantasy points since she both takes a high number of shots on goal (15 in eight games) and has converted four of them. I made Huerta my vice-captain though since she faces a weaker defense.



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