Fantasy League / National Women's Soccer League

We’re halfway there: Fantasy Shots Week 10

After the World Cup break, the NWSL is back! As is livin’ on a prayer!

I’m really excited about this week’s matchups when it comes to watching good soccer games, less so on the picking people for my fantasy roster front.

Kansas City at Portland – 6/19; 10 p.m. – Two teams that have been declining, missing World Cup players
Washington at Chicago – 6/20; 8 p.m. – The two teams at the top of the table
Western New York at Houston – 6/20; 8:30 p.m. – Two teams trending upward
Seattle at Boston – 6/21; 4 p.m. – A team great at home and a team that has trouble on the road.

Week 10:  I’m So Dunn FC

Formation: 3-4-3

Goalkeepers: N. Barnhart#~ (FCKC)

Backup: H. Kopmeyer (SRFC)

The Thorns haven’t won in six games and have scored one goal in the past four. I’m not sure it counts as underperforming if anyone with a brain knew they would be struggling during the World Cup, but even my cynical self didn’t think it’d be this bad. But also, they’re at home and against an opponent they haven’t faced yet this season. The Thorns are also the team that could win the next six in a row, so I’m not confident enough to captain Barnhart.

Defenders: T. Hemmings (CRS), A. LePeilbet (FCKC), K. Fletcher (SRFC)

Backup: L. Robinson (FCKC)

These four are the top four in points-per-match and face teams that aren’t the best at scoring goals. I’m not going to go out on a limb and start three members of FCKC’s backline so Robinson is a backup.

Midfielders: C. Dunn#* (WAS), J. Fishlock (SRFC), V. DiBernardo (CRS), K. Mewis (BOS)

Backup: C. Nairn (WAS)

I’m don’t really have to explain Dunn at this point. I mean, unlike Jill Ellis, you guys actually pay attention the league. Fishlock is also quite the threat and is doing well recently unlike Long and Shim.  DiBernardo hasn’t actually scored a goal this season, but she has had five assists in eight games. I’m a bit shaky on putting her in instead of Nairn but we’ll see. Mewis has taken 40 shots this year. How many have gone in? Two. But both have been game-winning and with all those shots, some of them do end up on frame. She is a bit foul-prone though so that’s something to be careful for.

Forwards: S. Huerta (CRS), L. Williams (WNY), B. Yanez (SRFC)

Backup: J. McDonald (HOU)

Huerta not being my captain is more a matter of routine than hard-thought tactical decisions (I did most of this roster when I was about to go to bed) but she’s on my roster since I’ve still got a head screwed onto me. Williams is sneaky and could trouble the Dash backline. I’m a bit shaky on this one and strongly considered McDonald or McCaffrey for the spot. Yanez has 9.5 points per match, putting her on par with Huerta and I want some reward if the Kansas City backline falls apart.


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