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Bad Decision Making FC- Fantasy Shots Week 7

Wow! It’s Week 7. I’m kind of impressed, this is going to be my seventh straight week writing about my poor decision making.

Last week I had a lot of trouble sticking to a decision. The players I cut from my roster? Kristie Mewis, Sofia Huerta, Francisca Ordega. Funny how that looks like a list of players who scored goals last weekend.

I did make Kelsey Wys my goalkeeper and she got Washington’s first clean sheet of the season. Even though there wasn’t a stream, I was able to see the game in person. I could insert a typical brick wall joke or just say that those nine saves were quite spectacular. The combination of saves, clean sheet, and a win earned 26 points.

Roster news this week:

  • Stephanie Roche– I’m not sure what you were doing if you consistently put Roche on your roster but if you were you should stop. The Irish international was waived Wednesday by the Dash and is currently looking for another NWSL team.
  • The Dash signed Ellie Brush and Camila, international defenders who won’t miss time for the World Cup. Given the Dash’s backline, I won’t be surprised if they start but I’d be shocked if the Dash kept a clean sheet.
  • The Flash don’t have a goalkeeper this week. Kind of important. Their starting goalkeeper is injured, their backup is suspended, and the only other goalkeeper they brought to preseason is in Sweden.
  • Flash midfielder Jordan Angeli is on the 45-day disabled list (ankle sprain) and the club signed Elizabeth Eddy

Point-leaders in each position:


B. Cameron (SBFC, 47 points), N. Barnhart (FCKC,  46 points), K. Wys (WAS, 36 points)


L. Robinson (FCKC, 36.5 points), R. Moros (FCKC, 32 points), A. LePeilbet (FCKC, 30 points), T. Hemmings (CHI, 21.5 points)


A. Long (POR, 63 points), C. Dunn (WAS, 56.5 points), M. Shim (POR, 48 points), C. Nairn (WAS, 44 points), K. Mewis (BOS, 38 points)


*C. Press (CHI, 60.5 points), S. Huerta (CHI, 53.5 points), *M. Rapinoe (SEA, 52.5 points), B. Yanez (SEA, 44.5 points), *F. Ordega (WAS, 40.5 points), K. Ohai (HOU, 39 points), J. McDonald (HOU, 35 points)

*has left for World Cup duty

Lauren (FC Lake Placid): 

Week 6 points- 39.5 points
Week 6 rank- Tied for 317
Overall points: 493 points
Overall rank: 56

Caitlin (I’m So Dunn):

Week 6 points- 55
Week 6 rank: 142
Overall Points: 489.5
Overall rank: Tied for 61

Fantasy Shots Group

Week 6 top four:

1. Phlash in the pan – 85.00 pts
2. Cult of Personality – 83.50 pts
3. Fiveankles FC – 81.50 pts
4. GOCUBSGO – 74.50 pts

Overall top four:

1. VfL Gringenfuss – 577.50 pts
2. Fiveankles FC – 510.00 pts
3. Cult of Personality – 508.50 pts
4. GogoGirls SC – 497.00 pts


I’m So Dunn Week 7
Formation 3-4-3

Goalkeeper: K. Wys (WAS)

Backup: M. Dalton (CHI)

I had about eight bad options for goalkeepers this week. Chicago vs FCKC is really tight and it’s hard to think of many good NWSL backlines. I settled on Wys since she led points last week and performed quite well and Dalton as my backup since FCKC isn’t that efficient with their shots.

Defenders: W. Church (WAS), J. King (BOS), T. Hemmings (CRS)

Backup: L. Robinson (FCKC)

Same with the goalkeepers, this part of the roster had me whacking my head against a pillow. Not a door though, since I already make poor roster decisions when I’m not concussed. What I ended up doing is picking defenders from four different teams since if there is any good in the world, one of them will have a clean sheet. As to why there is a Breakers defender on my roster? That whole Christmas miracle thing and King is good on set pieces.

Midfielders: C. Nairn (WAS), A. Long* (POR), C. Dunn#~ (WAS), M. Shim (POR)

Backup: K. Mewis# (BOS)

Imagine two of the top four midfielders in fantasy points are playing a team without a that team’s top two goalkeepers. Yeah. That’s what’s happening in Rochester this weekend. So while Nairn and Dunn are usually on my roster anyway, this weekend is looking pretty good for them as they are facing one of the worst defenses in the league. Despite Long having a mediocre 1/2-point last weekend, I’m hoping (aka she better otherwise I’ll yell all weekend) she’ll perform better this weekend.


Credit: Stephanie Yang

What can I say? I know I’m going to have her on one week too many.

Forwards: G. Anonma (POR), S. Huerta (CHI), N. Nadim (SBFC)

Backup: S. McCaffrey (BOS)

Nadim and Sky Blue looked much better in their game against the Spirit, recording 21 shots as a team compared to 35 in the previous five games combined. Anonma recorded all of the Thorns’ shots last week and she is the Thorns’ target up top. Also if I leave Huerta off one more time she’ll score like five goals. I honestly don’t care if she has like 2 points I just want her on there finally.


Since this was a pretty depressing/pessimistic read, I’d like to end on a funnier note. Here are some of my favorite team names that I’ve seen so far:

  • Freekick Murphys
  • Life’s a Pitch
  • McCall Me Maybe
  • Orange Is The New Sky Blue
  • That’s gonna Huerta
  • SweetNSauerbraun

Got any others? Let us know below in the comments or on Twitter.


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