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Send-off week: NWSL Fantasy Shots Week 4

“It’s May! The lusty month of May! That lovely month when everyone goes blissfully astray!”

Just over a month to go before the 2015 Women’s World Cup kicks off, and the NWSL season is basically in full bloom. This week marks the first where International players begin to depart their clubs for their countries, most noticeably, the USWNT.

With the exception of Chicago, Western New York and Boston, the USWNT players are headed west for the start of their World Cup sendoff tour. With clubs guaranteed their National Team players’ attendance at three games before the Cup, those teams with bye weeks still have their players. If anything is updated between now and game time Saturday, I will be sure to update. [UPDATE:  We’re in the clear here. Just the Flash, Red Stars and Breakers will have USWNT players]

My week 3 was abysmal, with my choice of Carli Lloyd as my captain biting me in the rear. Thanks to the presence of Dunn and Press on my roster, I wasn’t last, but those two players made up over half of my week points. My overall ranking dropped fifteen spots. My pride took a big hit.

I need to bounce back.

Enter Week 4.

I hope.

Top points leaders in each position for NWSL:

Goalkeepers: A. Harris (WAS, 10.5 pts), A. Naeher (BOS, 6 pts), K. LeBlanc (CHI, 5 pts), N. Angerer (POR, 1 pt)
Defenders: C. Dunn (WAS, 24 pts), J. King (BOS, 9.5 pts), C. Niemiec (POR, 3.5 pts)  K. O’Hara (SBFC, 3.5 pts)
Midfielders: C. Nairn (WAS, 14 pts), M. Shim (POR)/K. Freels (SBFC) 12.5 pts, M. Brian (HOU, 9 pts)
Forwards: C. Press (CHI, 23 pts), J. McDonald (HOU, 20 pts), C. Sinclair (POR, 13.5 puts), N. Ezurike (BOS, 9 pts)

FC Lake Placid: Week 3 Team (*denotes captain, #denotes allocated, ~denotes vice-captain)

Formation: 3-4-3
Goalkeeper: Henninger (HOU)
Defenders: C. Dunn (WAS), Wenino (CHI), K. Johnson (POR)
Midfielders: A. Long (POR), C. Nairn (WAS), C. Lloyd# (HOU), M. Brian (HOU)
Forwards: C. Press (CHI), Ohai (HOU), J. Hoy (CHI)


Week 3 points: 81 points
Week 3 rank: 319
Overall points: 289.50
Overall rank: 50

I’m So Dunn

Week 3 points: 101 points
Week 3 rank: 125
Overall points: 284
Overall rank: 57


Congratulations to Fiveankles FC, who not only won the group week, but also the overall week for NWSLFL!

1. Fiveankles FC – 152.50 pts
2. MAGICJILL – 128.00 pts
3. VfL Gringenfuss – 121.00 pts
4. Chuck’s Cheesers – 115.50 pts
5. Washington Webfoots – 115.00 pts
6. KellyG FC – 112.50 pts
7. Blue Ridge Stars – 103.00 pts
8. Midwest Hurricane FC – 102.00 pts
9. I’m So Dunn – 101.50 pts
10. Cult of Personality – 97.00 pts
11. FC Krieger – 95.00 pts
(tie) GogoGirls SC – 95.00 pts
13. Phlash in the pan – 84.00 pts
(tie) My Girls – 84.00 pts
15. O’Neill FC – 82.00 pts
16. FC Lake Placid – 81.00 pts
17. pk1320 – 76.50 pts
18. Women Playing Soccer – 60.00 pts
19. steviefc – 50.50 pts
20. Freekick Murphys – 29.50 pts
21. locateam – 16.00 pts

If you’d like to join the Fantasy Shots group, click RIGHT HERE and use the password megged (case sensitive). The more the merrier!


CRS vs SBFC – Sat 6:00 p.m.
WNY vs BOS – Sat 7:00 p.m.
HOU vs FCKC – Sat 8:30 p.m.
SRFC vs WAS – Sat 10:00 p.m.

*match times listed in ET

Week 4 Injury Report

Week 4

FC Lake Placid

Picks for Week 4 (*denotes captain/~denotes vice-captain/#denotes allocated player)

Formation: 3-5-2

Lake Placid_4

Goalkeeper: H. Kopmeyer (SEA)

A relative unknown (four games played last season, five games total) gets the nod to start for me. Don’t ask why. Though this piece is partially why. When you train alongside the world’s best goalkeeper, I’ve got to give you a chance.


Another one I’ll give a go if Kopmeyer doesn’t start.

Brittany Cameron (SBFC) was also tossed around.

Defenders: C. Dunn (WAS), K. Fletcher (SEA), K. Kallman (BOS)

Why not have Dunn? She’s on fire, and she’s not headed to Canada. Big things in her future. Let’s see if she can’t keep up this momentum.

Fletcher seems to be my solid answer in back when I’m not starting Robinson. She just has that once-in-a-while tendency to make offensive chances happen.

Kallman and Boston surprised me last week. I really can’t see any one team distinguishing themselves from the crowd yet, so I am finding it hard to lean towards one team or another for the backline.

WATCH LIST: L. Robinson (FCKC)

Always on my watch list. I’m a little wary of the star power FCKC will lose come WC, and this week will be a big one for them to establish themselves without the WNTers. If any team can, I wager on FCKC. Or Boston. But I’m getting off track.

Midfielders: K. Mewis (BOS), C. Nairn (WAS), K. Little (SEA), E. Tymrak (FCKC), L. Chalupny (CHI)

It’s Mewis vs Mewis this weekend, and I’m putting my cards in Kristie’s basket. Again, I don’t know why. (Apparently, I’m not very good at this reasoning thing this week. But, can you blame me?? My week 3 roster didn’t exactly instill confidence).

I’ll keep Nairn on my roster for now. If Washington can keep going strong, she’s got a lot of potential to be dangerous.

With a bye week for Seattle in Week 3, I kinda forgot about them. Still, the Scottish midfielder is a deadly threat if she can connect with her teammates sans Rapine.

Tymrak and FCKC have a lot to prove to me right now, and I’m actually surprised I’m putting any Blues on my roster this week, considering how damaging they were weeks 1 and 2. Still, go get ’em, Erika!

If Chalupny plays, she’s solid. I expect she will, and even with a modest 8 points last week, that’s more than what two of my rostered midfielders put up.

WATCH LIST: J. Fishlock (SEA)

If I wasn’t so worried about fouls, I’d start Fishlock. Watch that come back to bite me.

Forwards: C. Press# (CHI), N. Nadim (SBFC)

No brainer to start Press. A little more head scratching to captain her. When I captain players who have been doing well, they have a tendency to goose-egg that week (*cough LLOYD cough*). Take the chance?

Nadim and McDonald are flip flopping in my head, so don’t be surprised if my roster come Saturday is different than this published one. I really can’t decide.


See above. McDonald had a super 20 points last week, but also has that bad tendency to be totally cold the next week. What’s life without a little risk, though?

Caitlin’s Picks:

So that pretty much sums up my thoughts about my roster from last week. Eight minutes into Chicago’s game when Press, my vice-captain had already scored two goals I was pretty distraught. It got so much worse. In retrospect, I could have gotten over a poor performance from Lloyd, maybe only a goal or so. Just her only goal being an own goal? Yeah that was rough. Nothing says happiness like your captain recording one point and your vice-captain having 23. If any soccer coach is reading this, if you want a player to do well, just make them your vice-captain in fantasy league. Instant success.

This week was a bit rough with not many good choices at defense or between the pipes and an overwhelming amount up top. Also that whole World Cup thing.

I’m So Dunn Week 4 Roster

Formation: 3-4-3


Goalkeeper: K. Wys (WAS)

Backup: N. Barnhart# (FCKC)

The Spirit defense will be one of the most consistent this week and in their past two games it hasn’t been a horror show. I guess that’s a decent standard considering how many goals they let up last year, but in all seriousness it has been pretty decent. The Reign have had three shots on goal in each of their last two games and I’m hoping that will continue for Wys’ sake this week.

Barnhart’s backline doesn’t inspire confidence, but the Dash will likely struggle without the attacking forces of Morgan Brian and Carli Lloyd.

Defenders: C. Dunn# (WAS), K. Fletcher (SEA), T. Hemmings (CHI)

Backup: J. King (BOS)

Besides Jill Ellis, I’m not sure who doesn’t haven Crystal Dunn on their roster. With her still being listed as a defender, there is no reason not to. Even if she was a forward I’d put her on my roster. You’re certainly not special for having her on your roster, but for a pretty good reason. I’m really hoping either Fletcher or Hemmings gets a clean sheet this weekend. These are the types of defenders in my roster that are just the cross-your-fingers-for-a-clean-sheet kind. King can score and the Flash’s offense isn’t really the kind that scores goals.

Midfielders: C. Nairn (WAS), K. Freels (SBFC), K. Mewis# (BOS), K. Little (SEA)

Backup: J. Fishlock (SEA)

Nairn remains dominant in Washington and the last time I left her off my roster I paid a heavy price, so she’s on for this week. Freels has also been really impressive and a consistent point-earner. Not many in this league earn points as consistently as Freels. In the Mewis vs Mewis match-up this weekend, I’m picking the older one. Boston’s offense is far from amazing, but it’s better than the Flash. I’m hoping Kim Little returns to form this weekend as I’ve regretted putting her on my roster so far this season. Hopefully, depleted rosters will help Little return to glory since she’s the midfielder I’m the shakiest on. It was between Fishlock and Tymrak for the backup spot, but I think Seattle is more likely to score therefore it is more likely Fishlock will be involved.

Forwards: C. Press#* (CHI), S. McCaffrey~ (BOS), J. McDonald (HOU)

Backup: K. Ohai (HOU)

I’ve learned my lesson and I’m putting Press as captain this week. I think she’ll tear the Sky Blue defense to shreds especially since Chicago will have their World Cup players and Sky Blue won’t. McCaffrey is looking really sharp so far and the Flash’s defense isn’t going to stop her. I also thought a decent amount about putting McCaffrey as my captain but opted to make her my vice-captain instead. With the way Houston’s personnel looks sans Lloyd and Brian, I think McDonald will be the target forward this weekend and I’m hoping she can match her brace from last Saturday. If McDonald doesn’t play, Ohai will likely be the one doing most of the scoring for the Dash so I’ve got her as my backup.



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