National Women's Soccer League

The Power of Three: Week 3 Fantasy Shots

The moral of the week: TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS!

Well, there goes my goal of averaging 100 points every week.

Also, did I have Hoy or Press on my lineup? No…no I did not.

Also, the topic of HAO must come up. Reluctantly, I removed her from my Week 2 lineup to free up another allocation spot. That was a mistake, as she had quite a big fantasy week. Thankfully, I won’t need to make up for it this week, since FCKC has a bye.

I advise to take advantage of the USWNT players when you can, because following the weekend of May 2, they will be departing for the send-off tour (I’m calling it that, even if they don’t!) and then the World Cup. After they leave, it’ll be tricky getting the best lineup. Not impossible, but tricky. Expect newcomers to step up.

Top points leaders in each position for NWSL:

Goalkeepers: A. Harris (WAS, 19 pts), Angerer (POR, 14 pts), N. Barnhart (FCKC, 7 pts), B. Cameron (SBFC, 4 pts)

Defenders: C. Dunn (WAS, 12 pts), K. Fletcher (SEA, 11.5 pts), L. Robinson (FCKC, 11 pts), B. Sauerbrunn (FCKC, 8.5 pts)

Midfielders: H. O’Reilly (FCKC, 20 pts), C. Nairn (WAS, 20 pts), A. Long (POR, 13 pts), K. Freels (SBFC, 10.5pts)

Forwards: C. Press (CHI, 28 pts), A. Rodriguez (FCKC, 24 pts), J. Hoy (CHI, 14 pts), B. Yanez (SEA, 13 pts)

FC Lake Placid: Week 2 Team (*denotes captain, #denotes allocated, ~denotes vice-captain)

Formation: 3-4-3

Goalkeeper: Barnhart# (FCKC)

Defenders: K. Fletcher (SEA), B. Sauerbrunn# (FCKC), K. Johnson (POR)

Midfielders: A. Long (POR), E. Tymrak (FCKC), C. Lloyd# (HOU), K. Little* (SEA)

Forwards: M. Rapinoe# (SEA), A. Rodriguez# (FCKC), N. Nadim (SBFC)

Week 2 points: 96 points
Week 2 rank: 124
Overall points: 208.5
Overall rank: 37


1. I’m So Dunn – 121.50 pts
2. Blue Ridge Stars – 121.00 pts
3. FC Krieger – 105.00 pts
4. My Girls – 102.50 pts
5. Freekick Murphys – 98.50 pts
6. FC Lake Placid – 96.00 pts
7. steviefc – 95.50 pts
8. pk1320 – 93.00 pts
9. VfL Gringenfuss – 88.00 pts
10. Midwest Hurricane FC – 86.00 pts
11. Fiveankles FC – 80.50 pts
12. MAGICJILL – 76.00 pts
13. Washington Webfoots – 73.50 pts
14. Women Playing Soccer – 70.50 pts
15. Chuck’s Cheesers – 68.50 pts
16. O’Neill FC – 67.00 pts
17. KellyG FC – 61.00 pts
18. locateam – 25.00 pts

If you’d like to join the Fantasy Shots group, click RIGHT HERE and use the password megged (case sensitive). The more the merrier!


Saturday, May 2:
CRS v POR (8:30 p.m.)

Sunday, May 3:
BOS v HOU (5:00 p.m.)
SBFC v WAS (6 p.m.)


Week 3

FC Lake Placid

Picks for Week 3 (*denotes captain/~denotes vice-captain/#denotes allocated player)

Formation: 3-4-3 (for one more week, perhaps)


Goalkeeper: A. Harris# (WAS)

Seems time to include her. Facing Sky Blue FC, if Washington plays like they did against Kansas City a few weeks ago, they could make something happen.

WATCH LIST: B. Henninger (HOU)

Henninger could potentially get a shutout if Houston’s midfield can contain the ball. Boston’s defense is sorely lacking, so there could be something here. If I knew any better, I’d put Henninger in as my starter with Harris as the backup. But, since I apparently don’t know any better, I’m going to trust Harris.

Defenders: K. Johnson (POR), C. Dunn# (WAS), K. Kallman (BOS)

Johnson will probably just be a staple on my back line as long as Portland is playing. She seems to have a good eye for getting forward, and if Portland has a few more shutouts, those points won’t go amiss.

Dunn had a big game with Washington, scoring a goal in their 3-1 defeat of reigning NWSL Champs Kansas City. Hopefully she can continue to have success this week. Dunn also has the added benefit of being with Washington for the entire season.

Kallman is kind of a risk here. If Boston doesn’t get anything done, she’s kind of a wasted roster spot. But, if Boston can pull out a win, or even keep Houston at a low score, maybe she can get some points.


Wenino has had a few goals in the NWSL, and if Chicago can pull out another win (seriously, underrated team here) she could get some points in. I’d probably put her in over Kallman if my gut were any indication.

Midfielders: A. Long (POR), C. Lloyd# (HOU), C. Nairn (WAS), L. Chalupny (CHI)

I’ll keep Long on my roster, since she continues to perform. Granted, it’s only week 3, but she’s had three goals so far in the season, so I feel it would be silly not to include her.

Lloyd and Brian are my back and forth in the midfield. Either one could do something, and probably both of them will do something. I’ll give Lloyd another week to make things happen.

That being said, Chalupny didn’t start last week (as I recall) so having Brian as  backup may work out better for me. But if Chalupa does play, she’ll have to hold down a midfield competing with the likes of Lloyd and Brian.


It’s either Brian or Chalupny at this point…trust your instincts. Brian hasn’t done much of anything for me this season to warrant a starting spot, but I’ve been proven wrong in the past.

Forwards: C. Press# (CHI), J. Hoy (CHI), K. Ohai (HOU)

Woebetide me for leaving Press off last week. I won’t make that mistake again, but it does help that Seattle and Kansas City aren’t playing. Boy, it’s hard to decide on a roster when everyone has games, isn’t it?

I called out Hoy last week, and what do you know? She scores. So, again, don’t ignore her.

Ohai could be the swing vote here, and if Houston shows up and shuts down Boston (something I predict to happen) Ohai could have a big game.

WATCH LIST: M. Shim (POR), J. McDonald (HOU)

Shim could also perform if Portland can continue their undefeated streak. With the lack of big-name forwards playing this week, could be a good time to experiment.

McDonald has the benefit of Lloyd and Brian to assist her in getting the ball to goal. If she starts, she could put up some numbers.

Caitlin’s Picks:

I guess when you have low expectations like I did for last week’s fantasy roster, everything is a success. Though I think last week, where all but one of my midfielders and forwards had a goal or an assist, is a pretty decent week regardless of what I expected. The thing is, the midfielder who didn’t score or assist was Kim Little. Like the Little who I captained over A-Rod. The Little who scored 16 goals and had 7 assists last year. I’d like to be more eloquent, but I’m really just sighing a lot. I think she will pick up her form but not this week. Why? Because the Reign aren’t playing this week. FC Kansas City, the Reign, and Western New York all have byes this week, making this week the trickiest so far.

I’m So Dunn Week 3 Lineup

Formation: 3-5-2


Look! Change! Basically, I was out of ideas at forward.

Goalkeepers: B. Henninger (HOU)

Backup: B. Cameron (SBFC)

This was between Henninger and Cameron. I went with Henninger since she’s facing Boston, whose offense hasn’t really figured out this whole scoring goals thing. Cameron will face the Spirit, and while none of their forwards have scored, I think Washington’s lineup is more of a threat than Boston’s.

Defenders: K. Johnson (PTFC), K. O’Hara# (SBFC), C. Dunn# (WAS)

Backup: K. Grubka (SBFC)

After last week where I made my backline mostly Reign players, who then let up four goals over the course of two games, I went for defenders who are going to get points even if their team doesn’t get a shutout. Kendall Johnson has built up points pretty nicely this season and isn’t a risk. O’Hara and Dunn are still listed as defenders despite playing as more attacking roles, making them solid additions to any roster. I think Crystal Dunn did the best job at summarizing her performance last Sunday.

Midfielders: A. Long (PTFC), C. Nairn (WAS), M. Shim (PTFC), C. Lloyd#* (HOU), K. Freels (SBFC)

Backup: M. Brian (HOU)

Despite all my worries, Allie Long ended up not disappointing me last week. I didn’t cry tears of joy or anything, but I was unbelievably relieved. I guess that means I have to put her on again. Nairn’s goals last week were fun to watch, but significantly less enjoyable when she wasn’t on my roster. Shim isn’t exactly consistent, but with four other midfielders I’m willing to take a risk. While Shim is riskier, Lloyd is an incredibly easy choice. Lloyd vs Whatever Boston Calls A Defense is a recipe for disaster, and I doubt the brick wall that is Alyssa Naeher could do anything besides minimize the casualties. Katy Freels is also a solid player and has performed well this season. While Morgan Brian is a better midfielder than anyone of my starters except Lloyd, she lacks the point contribution that would make her a starter.

Forwards: K. Ohai (HOU), C. Press#~ (CHI)

Backup: J. McDonald (HOU)

I went with two forwards instead of three this time, since I didn’t have many options to pick from. Nadim came out after one half last week, and I’m concerned enough about her health to not put her on for this week. As of Friday morning, there hasn’t been any news out of New Jersey but if that changes then I’ll figure it out. The combination of Brian/Lloyd/Ohai is a lethal one, and I expect a good performance in the trio’s last game before World Cup absences. Ohai’s pace is incredible and Boston’s defense lacks the speed to stop it. Oh, Press. I had many regrets last week, but you were number one. I’ve literally thought about it every day since then. Which also means every day I’ve thought about how I’m putting Press on it this week.


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