National Women's Soccer League

Week 8 Fantasy Shots

The moral of my week: I’m never listening to anyone else ever again. It does no one good, least of all me. That being said, I’m fine with my choice of Nadine Angerer as goalkeeper. It just didn’t quite work out how I expected it. As far as the other players on the roster go, I didn’t trust my instincts, and it definitely showed in my points.

If anyone is surprised by Chicago, you’re not the only one. They’re quietly rising in the standings, and now sit only four points behind league-leaders Seattle. Boston earned a huge win over Portland on Wednesday, downing the reigning champions 4-1.  It was huge for their morale, and they’ll look to continue that streak.

My week was pretty all over the place, and was pretty much killed by my choice of goalkeeper. One or two changes could have seen me nearer to the top of the boards, but that’s all hindsight. It seems like there were a few people who had stellar weeks, and others who struggled immensely. Such is the way of fantasy.

Also, where the hell did Jazmine Reeves come from??

Top points leaders in each position:

Goalkpeers: J. Loyden (SBFC, 24 pts), K. LeBlanc (CHI, 21 pts), N. Barnhart (FCKC, 18 pts), A. Naher (BOS, 7 pts)

Defenders: N. Philips (FCKC, 20 pts), K. O’Hara (SBFC, 19.5 pts), C. Rampone (SBFC, 12.5 pts), O. Ohale (HOU, 10 pts)

Midfielders: C. Nairn (WAS, 19 pts), L. Chalupny (CHI, 13.5), V. DiBernardino (CHI, 13 pts), H. O’Reilly (BOS, 11.5 pts)

Forwards: J. Reeves (BOS, 40.5 pts)  C. Sinclair (POR, 22.5 pts), A. Wambach (WNY, 15 pts), J. Hoy (CHI, 13.5 pts)

FC Lake Placid: Week 7 Team (*denotes captain, #denotes allocated, ~denotes vice-captain)

Formation: 3-4-3

Goalkeeper: N. Angerer (POR)

Defenders: N. Marshall (POR), Wenino (CHI), L. Robinson (FCKC)

Midfielders: L. Chalupny (CHI), A. Long (POR), K. Little (FCKC), L. Holiday (FCKC)

Forwards: J. McDonald (POR), A. Rodriguez (FCKC), Leon (CHI)


1. Canton Cardinals – 76.50 pts
2. FC Lake Placid – 72.50 pts
3. Women Playing Soccer – 71.00 pts
4. VfL Gringenfuss – 67.00 pts
5. Mana from Heaven – 63.50 pts
6. Leave it on the field – 60.50 pts
7. East Coast Gulls – 52.50 pts
8. Shark Week – 45.00 pts
1. Canton Cardinals – 841.50 pts
2. East Coast Gulls – 751.50 pts
3. FC Lake Placid – 749.00 pts
4. Leave it on the field – 702.00 pts
5. Women Playing Soccer – 688.00 pts
6. VfL Gringenfuss – 662.00 pts
7. Mana from Heaven – 587.00 pts
8. Shark Week – 559.50 pts

If you’d like to join the Fantasy Shots group, click RIGHT HERE and use the password macmillan (case sensitive). The more the merrier!

Week 8 Schedule:

WNYF vs HOU – Sat 7:00pm
SBFC vs SRFC – Sun 6:00pm
BOS vs WAS – Sun 6:30pm
CRS vs WAS – Wed 8:00pm
FCKC vs WNYF – Wed 8:00pm
match times listed in EDT

Week 8

FC Lake Placid

Picks for Week 8 (*denotes captain/~denotes vice-captain/#denotes allocated player)

Formation: 4-3-4

FC Lake Placid Fantasy team

Goalkeeper: N. Barnhart# (FCKC)

One game this week, but I gotta trust my instinct on this one. I can’t have another negative game with my keeper. Even if FCKC loses, Barnie has a pretty good past to lean on.

WATCH LIST: A. Harris# (WAS), K. Wys (WNY), H. Solo (SEA)

Harris and Wys both have double games, but Wys faces Alex Rodriguez and FCKC, while Harris will battle a quietly rising Chicago offense and possibly (probably) a repeat of a young Boston side that steamrolled Portland 4-1. Solo, like Barnhart, only has one game, but she’s not the world’s #1 goalkeeper for no reason.

Defenders: M. Wenino (CHI), T. Huster (WAS), B. Taylor (WNY)

Two double-gamers and one who has been showing offensive capabilities as well as defensive. Seems a pretty solid back line from first glance, anyway. I’d be comfortable with them.

WATCH LIST: K. Fletcher (SEA), L. Robinson (FCKC), A. Krieger# (WAS)

Robinson is touch and go. I really don’t know why I keep her on my roster all these weeks, since I know FCKC is not the FCKC of last year. Still, she’s a solid prospect. Fletcher has been a threat, and will likely continue to be so during the season. Krieger has double games, though she hasn’t shown the most offensive threats this season.

Midfielders: C. Nairn (WAS), C. Lloyd# (WNY), K. Little (SEA), A. Mautz (CHI)

I have no idea why the midfield is so hard to select sometimes. How I love my Chalupa, but when she’s on my roster, she doesn’t always perform. I’m trying for Mautz this week, just to see what happens. Lloyd is always a risk for me, and I don’t trust her to be consistently on scoring. But, she does have two games with which to do something. the physical side of her could get into trouble with FCKC, who has proven a fairly physical team this year. Nairn is someone I haven’t given much thought to this year (not shocking, seeing as I can’t watch every game) but she’s had some stand-out weeks lately. As for Little, I’ll have her in my midfield until Seattle doesn’t play at this point.

WATCH LIST: L .Holiday (FCKC), D. Matheson# (WAS), L. Chalupny (CHI), H. O’Reilly (BOS)

I really can’t leave you behind, Holiday! Matheson, well, you’ll get some points soon! Maybe this is the week for it. Chalupny could, once again, make something happen in the midfield for Chicago. I would switch out Mautz for Chalupny if I felt the strong urge to. O’Reilly can never really be counted out, as she is one of the strongest wing midfielders in the world. And have you seen her speed?

Forwards: A. Wambach# (WNY), A. Rodriguez# (WNY), J. Hoy (CHI)

I just know Wambach has that huge game coming. Could it be this week? A. Rod, like Little, is not coming off my roster until FCKC has a bye week. Can you blame me? hard to take off the league leader in goals. As for Hoy, I gave Leon the start last week and it (sort of) paid off, but it seems Hoy has been getting more looks on goal. Maybe she can do it again? (Please do it again!)

WATCH LIST: B. Goebel (SEA), A. Leon (CHI)

I still haven’t seen steady talent up top (with the exceptions of Rodriguez and McDonald) and it’s really hard for me to decide week to week who is going up top beside Rodriguez. Both Goebel and Leon have shown in recent weeks their nose for goal. If you have a feeling, go for it!

Once again, thank you all for reading!


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