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Fantasy team

I was going to praise myself for getting this out so quickly following Thursday’s matchup, but I started on Wednesday, so I guess that’s blown. Still, this quick turnaround thing is not good for my stress levels.

I think it’s safe to say by now that Seattle is well on its way to a fantastic regular season. The Reign currently hold the record for women’s professional soccer in the United States for the longest winning streak (7 games, after their defeating FC Kansas City on Wednesday). It’s an impressive stat, especially considering one of their star players, Megan Rapinoe, continues to be sidelined by an injury to her foot. It is unclear when Rapinoe will be back on the pitch, but it doesn’t seem to be hindering Seattle’s goal-scoring whatsoever.

FC Kansas City didn’t go down without a fight, with Lauren Holiday and Erika Tymrak scoring goals Wednesday in their 3-2 loss to Seattle. They appear to be back in their old form: patient and unhurried in their pressure. Of all the teams in the NWSL this year, FCKC plays the most professional-looking soccer, with Seattle close behind. Alex Rodriguez continues to show that she is back in top form, though she’s admitted she’s not quite where she wants to be.

Abby Wambach finally made an impact with Western New York this season, scoring both of the Flash’s goals on Sunday. Can she continue to score goals in the next couple of games? One can only hope. Wambach appears to have been in a bit of a slump, so it’ll be interesting to see if it’s broken now.

Portland goalkeeper Nadine Angerer saved another penalty kick in her shutout against the Houston Dash, also earning a season-high seven saves in the match. She’ll look to continue leading her team up the NWSL standings against Western New York on May 21.

Top Four Point Leaders in each position for Week 5:

Goalkeepers: N. Angerer (POR, 36 pts), H. Solo (SEA, 28 pts),K. LeBlanc (CHI, 17 pts), K. Wys (WNY, 14 pts)

Defenders: M. Wenino (CHI, 24 pts), K. Fletcher (SEA, 17 pts), S. Johnson (CHI, 14.5 pts), K. Dallstream (SEA, 12 pts)

Midfielders: K. Little (SEA, 28.5 pts), L. Holiday (FCKC, 19 pts), E. Tymrak (FCKC)/L. Chalupny (CHI, 13 pts)

Forwards: A. Wambach (WNY, 28 pts), A. Rodriguez (FCKC, 25 pts), J. McDonald (POR, 23.5 pts), J. Hoy (CHI, 22 pts)

FC Lake Placid: Week 5 Team (*denotes captain, #denotes allocated, ~denotes vice-captain)

Formation: 3-5-2

Points Earned: 162

Week 5 standing: 336

Overall Standing: 69

Goalkeeper: H. Solo#~ (SEA)

Defenders: K. Fletcher (SEA), L. Robinson (FCKC), N. Marshall (POR)

Midfielders: L. Holiday#* (FCKC), K. Little (SEA), A. Long (POR), J. Fishlock (SEA), L. Chalupny (CHI)

Forwards: A. Rodriguez# (FCKC), S. Leroux# (SEA)

My thoughts: my roster certainly isn’t weak. What seems to be hurting me the most is my choice of captain. I’m on a rather unfortunate streak of picking the wrong player to double my points with. When I pick a goalkeeper, they don’t have a great game. When I pick a midfielder, they don’t score. When I pick a forward, they don’t play. So, I think what is going to matter for me in the next few weeks is how well I pick my captain. The rest of the picks are logical, really.


If you’d like to join the Fantasy Shots group, click RIGHT HERE and use the password macmillan (case sensitive). The more the merrier!

1. Canton Cardinals – 203.50 pts
2. VfL Gringenfuss – 177.50 pts
3. East Coast Gulls – 176.00 pts
4. Women Playing Soccer – 162.50 pts
5. FC Lake Placid – 162.00 pts
6. Leave it on the field – 141.00 pts
7. Mana from Heaven – 139.00 pts

1. Canton Cardinals – 628.50 pts
2. East Coast Gulls – 571.00 pts
3. FC Lake Placid – 557.50 pts
4. Leave it on the field – 540.50 pts
5. Women Playing Soccer – 521.50 pts
6. VfL Gringenfuss – 502.50 pts
7. Mana from Heaven – 436.50 pts

Week 6 Schedule:

WAS vs WNYF – Sat 6:30pm
FCKC vs HOU – Sun 6:00pm
BOS vs CRS – Sun 6:30pm
WAS vs SBFC – Wed 7:00pm
FCKC vs SRFC – Wed 8:00pm
PTFC vs WNYF – Wed 10:00pm

match times listed in EDT

Picks for Week 6 (*denotes captain/~denotes vice-captain/#denotes allocated player)

Formation: 3-5-2

FC Lake Placid Fantasy team

Goalkeeper: N. Barnhart# (FCKC)

Double games this week. Captain potential?  Perhaps. Take your chances. Whenever I put a goalkeeper as my captain, they tend to have some rough games. Still, FCKC is looking strong by the week, and this could potentially be a strong week for Barnie.

WATCH LIST: N. Angerer (POR), H. Solo# (SEA), K. Weis (WNY)

Angerer is hard to ignore right now. Even with one game this week, she has been putting up big numbers, thanks to a few saved penalty kicks. Solo has also been in top form, and continues to show why she is the number one goalkeeper in the world. Weis could be the goalkeeper who the Flash choose to put in goal again, and she has double games.

Defenders: L. Robinson (FCKC), K. Fletcher (SEA), B. Taylor (WNY)

Taylor and Robinson have double games, and could get at least one shut-out, if their teams play well. Fletcher has been performing admirably and even with one game, it’s hard to overlook her for a spot.

WATCH LIST: N. Marshall (POR), A. Krieger# (WAS), B. Sauerbrunn# (FCKC)

If you have the allocations to spare, Krieger has double games, as does Sauerbrunn, though Krieger has more fantasy points to her name right now.

Midfielders: L. Holiday# (FCKC), K. Little (SEA), C. Lloyd (WNY), A. Long (POR), D. Matheson# (WAS)

Can Holiday continue her goal scoring and pick up some more points? It would certainly help my mental state, as I’m having a hard time taking her out of my lineup. I don’t plan on counting out Little for a while, even if she only has one game. She’s been playing well enough to keep her on even if it’s only one game. Matheson and Lloyd both have the potential (Lloyd is coming back from a suspension for a red card, so she’s always a risk to have on the lineups). Washington’s captain may be the Spirit’s best option for points.

WATCH LIST: J. Fishlock (SEA), C. Dunn# (WAS), E. Tymrak (FCKC)

Dunn moves into the midfield, and could start to do some damage in the midfield. At least, that’s what I’m hoping. Fishlock and Tymrak had some good moments last week, and perhaps could put something together this week.

Forwards: A. Wambach# (WNY), A. Rodriguez#~ (FCKC)

A two-goal game for Wambach is fantastic for her momentum, which has been lagging a bit. Two games this week could mean an explosion, or it could mean a bomb. Still, having the world leader in goals scored is always something you want to consider. Rodriguez is on a roll, and I won’t take her off my lineup until FCKC doesn’t have a game for the week. She’s too on-form right now (think 2013 Lauren Holiday).

WATCH LIST: J. McDonald (POR), S. Leroux# (SEA), M. Ocampo (SBFC)

McDonald is proving to be the player who, when I have her in my lineup, doesn’t produce, but when I put her as an alternate, most certainly produces. When Portland has a double game, she’s going in my starting lineup, but this week, it’s hard to count against Wambach. Leroux has not been my go-to forward, except she’s still one of the few who have the potential to produce. Ocampo is Sky Blue’s best option for scoring, so I threw her in here for consideration.

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