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No Excuses Now

No excuses now. Well, that’s what I’m telling myself anyway. It makes me feel better about myself and my picks.

Does it help? Not really, no. But a girl can pretend, right?

In case you’re just joining us, last week was the first week we had to deal with national team call-ups for the United States, Canadian, and Australian national teams. It proved to be a tricky week. I didn’t plan quite as well as I probably should have with my front line, but I knew that going in.

Still, it wasn’t a terrible week, from my perspective, though there were a lot of teams that scored higher than I did (shocking, right?).  I’m still astonished people are choosing to read this series and make picks based on what I say. But hey, it’s your life!

Top Four Point Leaders in each position for Week 4:

Goalkeepers: B. Cameron (SBFC, 24 pts), T. Vancil (CHI, 16.5 pts), N. Barnhart (FCKC, 14 pts), L. Williams (WNY, 11 pts)

Defenders: K. O’Hara (SBFC, 12 pts), A. Kreiger (WAS, 10 pts), C. Foord (SBFC)/K. Kallman (FCKC)/L. Robinson (FCKC)/B. Sauerbrunn (FCKC) 8 pts

Midfielders: L. Holiday (26.5 pts), J. Fishlock (SEA, 15 pts) F. Silva (FCKC, 10.5 pts), E. Tymrak (FCKC, 10 pts),

Forwards: M. Ocampo (SBFC, 20.5 pts), A. Rodriguez (FCKC, 18.5 pts), S. Leroux (SEA, 15.5 pts), J. Spencer (WNY)/L. Bogus (FCKC) 15 pts

FC Lake Placid: Week 4 Team (*denotes captain, #denotes allocated, ~denotes vice-captain)

Formation: 3-5-2

Points Earned: 104 points

Week 4 standing: 285

Overall Standing: 64

Goalkeeper: N. Barnhart#* (FCKC)

Defenders: B. Taylor (WNY), L. Robinson (FCKC), K. Fletcher (SEA)

Midfielders: B A. Long (POR), H. O’Reilly# (BOS), K. Little (SEA), L. Holiday# (FCKC), K. Freels (SBFC)

Forwards: A. Wambach# (WNY), McDonald (POR)


1. FC Lake Placid – 104.00 pts
2. Women Playing Soccer – 100.50 pts
3. East Coast Gulls – 88.00 pts
4. VfL Gringenfuss – 87.00 pts
5. Canton Cardinals – 81.00 pts
6. Leave it on the field – 80.50 pts
7. Mana from Heaven – 55.50 pts

1. Canton Cardinals – 425.00 pts
2. Leave it on the field – 399.50 pts
3. FC Lake Placid – 395.50 pts
4. East Coast Gulls – 395.00 pts
5. Women Playing Soccer – 359.00 pts
6. VfL Gringenfuss – 325.00 pts
7. Mana from Heaven – 297.50 pts

As far as I’ve heard, there aren’t any call-ups that we have to deal with besides the Australians Lisa DeVanna (who has to serve a NWSL suspension anyway after a red card last week), Caitlin Foord (SBFC), and Samantha Kerr (WNY), who will be gone through May 18, if not through May 22, depending on qualifications in the Asian Cup.

If any more information comes my way, I’ll be sure to pass it on. Until then, best not put them on your roster, unless you really do want no points.

Week 5 Schedule:

*This week matches include Saturday/Sunday/Wednesday/Thursday matches*

PTFC vs SRFC – Sat 7:00pm
WNYF vs SBFC – Sun 3:00pm
CRS vs HOU – Sun 6:00pm
FCKC vs WAS – Sun 7:00pm
HOU vs PTFC – Wed 8:00pm
SRFC vs FCKC – Wed 10:00pm
BOS vs CRS – Thu 7:00pm

match times listed in EDT

Picks for Week 5 (*denotes captain/~denotes vice-captain/#denotes allocated player)


FC Lake Placid Fantasy team

Goalkeeper: H. Solo#~ (SEA)

Two games this week and Solo could be raking in the points. She let in a goal against Canada on Thursday, but she’s been solid in goal for the Reign. She has some tough match ups, but they could payout big time if she gets the shut outs.

WATCH LIST: T. Vancil (CRS), N. Angerger# (POR), N. Barnhart# (FCKC)

All four of the listed goalkeepers have double games this week, so could potentially put up more points than usual. All things considered, they SHOULD put up more points that usual just by merit of having two games. All three on my watch list are keepers who I would put in at any minute. I don’t think I can really decide on one, so I’m going with Solo just because of her past few games.

Defenders: K. Fletcher (SEA), O. Ohale (HOU), N. Marshall (POR)

I’m leaning towards a 3-5-2 this week in order to load up on possible points potential up top. Fletcher has been fairly steady with her points thus far. Marshall is coming off of her first senior national team call up, so she’s doing something right. I haven’t seen much from Ohale yet, but I needed someone who wasn’t from Portland or Seattle on my roster.

WATCH LIST: L. Robinson (FCKC), S. Cox# (SEA), B. Sauerbrunn# (FCKC), A. Krieger# (WAS)

If you have allocated spots available and want to use them on a defender, Cox or Sauerbrunn may be your best options when you consider possible shut-out potential.

Midfielders: L. Holiday#* (FCKC), K. Little* (SEA), A. Long (POR), L. Chalupny (CRS), J. Fishlock# (SEA)

Clearly, my roster this week is loaded up with double gamers. Holiday, Little, Long and Fishlock have all shown their points potential (though Holiday has only just begun to break out her performance again.) Chalupny hasn’t quite performed yet, but I’m going to give her this one more week to do something before I stop considering her for my roster. Long is usually a risk, since she’s prone to yellow cards, but she has been having some terrific games.


Freels scored on a penalty kick last week, and though she only has one game, she could continue to carry that momentum.

Forwards: A. Rodriguez# (FCKC), S. Leroux# (SEA)

Rodriguez is hard to ignore lately, as she’s been having a terrific season back. Two games means two times the chance for scoring. I wouldn’t count her out. Leroux scored her first goal for Seattle last week, and scored against Canada on Thursday. Can she keep that momentum going?

With Rapinoe still listed as out with a foot injury, options for a double week aren’t exactly slim.

WATCH LIST: J. McDonald (POR), E. Masar (HOU)

Both McDonald and Masar have double games. Masar is on and off, but hey, maybe she can pull something out this week. McDonald has been pushed into a more prominent role with Morgan still injured, so she could get some good looks this weekend.


One thought on “No Excuses Now

  1. Hey, I ask the people at Backpass and they created a great Absent post. I think Ohale is on red card suspension. But I don’t follow the Dash that much. Also I read everything, at your site, especially the fanstasy info. Thanks, and you smoked me in points this week. Sea is either going to be full of points or very low due to their 2 tough games. If CHI pulls it together-depending is Tanc plays-they could be the team to bet on as “underdogs”

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