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Fantasy Shots: Third Week’s a Charm?

Fantasy Shots

Well, I guess my Week 2 wasn’t quite as profitable as I hoped it would be. But that’s not really a surprise. Like I said, the first four or so weeks are really touch-and-go as far as points. It’s too early in the season to really see any teams make a huge statement, though to be sure, the Washington Spirit are certainly showing major improvement from last year.

Once again, week 3 will be a lot of guesswork, though it’ll be a little bit more educated as time goes on, of course. Still, my overall ranking is climbing  slowly, which greatly helps my self-esteem.

When setting your rosters this week, remember that four teams have two games in Week 3. While it’s not essential to load your roster with  with only players from those four teams, it probably will pay off (see: Matheson and Dunn for Washington last week). It never hurts to get one or two players from teams who only play one week, but really it comes down to your comfort level.

Top Four Point Leaders in each position for Week 11:

Goalkeepers: A. Harris# (WAS, 21.5 pts), K. LeBlanc# (CHI, 14 pts), E. McLeod (HOU, 5 pts), J. Loyden (SBFC, 4 pts)

Defenders: C. Dunn (WAS, 15.5 pts), C. Rampone (SBFC, 10 pts), K. Fletcher (SEA, 9.5), R. Quon (CHI, 8 pts)

Midfielders: D. Matheson (WAS, 39.5 pts), T. Noyola (HOU, 25 pts), J. Fishlock (SEA, 17 pts), A. Long (POR, 13.5 pts)

Forwards: A. Rodriguez (FCKC, 14 pts), E. Masar (HOU, 10 pts), N. Kawasumi (SEA, 8 pts), B. Goebel (SEA, 6.5 pts)

FC Lake Placid: Week 2 Team (*denotes captain, #denotes allocated, ~denotes vice-captain)

Formation: 3-4-3

Points Earned: 65.5

Week 2 standing: 190

Overall Standing: 159

Goalkeeper: N. Angerer (POR)

Defenders: C. Dunn# (WAS), B. Taylor (WNY), N. Marshall (POR)

Midfielders: L. Holiday# (FCKC), L. Chalupny~ (CHI), K. Little (SEA), D. Matheson# (WAS)

Forwards: M. Rapinoe#* (SEA), Elston (HOU), A. Rodriguez# (FCKC)


Here is where I’ll put the ranking of each team in the new group (if anyone chooses to join, that is.)

If anyone has any interest in joining a group for the NWSL Fantasy season, follow THIS LINK RIGHT HERE and use the password: macmillan (come on…if you know me, could there REALLY be any other password?)

Week 3 Schedule:

CRS vs WAS – Sat 8:00pm
PTFC vs FCKC – Sat 10:00pm
BOS vs SBFC – Sun 7:00pm
SRFC vs HOU – Sun 7:00pm
SBFC vs SRFC – Wed 7:00pm
FCKC vs CRS – Wed 8:00pm
All times listed in ET

Picks for Week 3 (*denotes captain/~denotes vice-captain/#denotes allocated player)

Formation: 3-4-3

Fantasy Shots-Week3

Goalkeeper: H. Solo#* (SEA)

Two games this week could spell good news for Seattle. Already, they have improved on last season, having won their first two games this season. Seattle faces Houston and Sky Blue FC, neither of whom have produced many formidable goal scorers thus far. Solo has a two great opportunities for shut outs, if she plays both games.

WATCH LIST: N. Angerer (POR), N. Barnhart# (FCKC), A. Harris# (WAS)

For a non-allocated player, Angerer is one of the strongest options for a fantasy manager. Barnie and FCKC haven’t exactly given the performances that they did last season, but like I’ve said a million times, it’s early. Two games this week means twice the opportunity to get a shutout. Harris had a Penalty Kick save against Amy Rodriguez, and while she had two games this week and just one next, she’s never a goal keeper to count out of your lineup any week.

Defenders: N. Washington (HOU), K. Fletcher (SEA), C. Foord (SBFC)

With my front line loaded with all my allocations, I have no room in the back for them, so it’s down to the next options. Washington and Fletcher have both had offensive notes in this season, and Foord was strong last season. Banking on their (Fletcher and Foord’s) double games may be a bust, but I’m hoping for a 50/50 chance here.

WATCH LIST: L. Robinson (FCKC), C. Rampone# (SBFC), C. Dunn# (WAS)

Robinson is my backup only because I don’t have room on my back line with the 3-4-3. Otherwise, she’d be a starter for me. Captain America (Rampone, in case you’ve been living under a rock for the last several years) is a steady rock in the defense. If the rest of her line can back her up, Sky Blue could get some shutouts. Washington only has one game, but if you have the allocated spot and want to put it on your back line, maybe consider Dunn.

Midfielders: L. Holiday#~ (FCKC), L. Chalupny (CHI), D. Matheson# (WAS), K. Little (SEA)

So far, Holiday hasn’t given me much reason to keep her on my lineup, but A) I’m too trusting that she’ll produce and B) She’s too world-class NOT to produce. It’s only a matter of time. And with two games this week, why not soon? Matheson definitely showed her abilities this week with three goals, including a converted penalty kick, so I may push my luck here with one more week. Little and Chalupny didn’t produce last week (sad to say, since Chalupa ended up being my captain) but again they’ve shown in the past that they’re more than capable.

WATCH LIST: L. Sanderson (BOS), J. Fishlock (SEA), A. Long (POR)

A bit of a fouls target, but Sanderson is making stuff happen, especially when paired with Heather O’Reilly on the flank. If you want to risk the fouls and cards, Fishlock could be a smart choice, perhaps even before Little, with two games this week. Ditto for Long.

Forwards: M. Rapinoe# (SEA), A. Rodriguez# (FCKC), E. Masar (HOU)

Rapinoe, for some strange reason (or maybe not that strange, but I haven’t found out why) didn’t play last week, which means that my lineup took a major hit. I’m not eexatly sure if it’ll happen again, but for now, I’m willing to take the risk. With two games, even if she plays once, Rapinoe has a tendency to perform. The same goes for Rodriguez. Masar, like I said before, is a risk, but she can perform, and if she does, it’ll help your points.

WATCH LIST: L. DeVanna (BOS), R. Cuellar# (WAS)

DeVanna has yet to perform much, but really, there aren’t many other big options. Most of the scoring in the league thus far has come from the midfield. Still, she’s Boston’s best option up top. Cuellar hasn’t made much impact, but if Washington could get more balls forward, she could produce.


4 thoughts on “Fantasy Shots: Third Week’s a Charm?

  1. Hey L.Salter- could you dicuss how to set up you fantasy team, when the allocated players leave for national duty mid-week. I am torn between going with surebets in single games (sea) and not sure how to handle the wednesday games (sbfc, fckc, wny) and possible following sat. games w/o nt players. thanks

    • I will do my best to answer this in the fourth edition of FS. It should be up tonight or tomorrow, depending on how long it takes them to update points. Hopefully, I will be able to figure out which players will be available when.

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