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NWSL Postcard with Kristen Edmonds: Earn It

With so many of the Nutmeg Inc. international postcard writers returning to NWSL, several of them decided to continue writing a not-so-international, but still a postcard blog.

Earn It!

There’s no place like home.  Well, almost home.  This season I signed with the Western New York Flash in the NWSL. The decision to come back to play in the US was a big one for me, leaving the lifestyle that I had grown accustomed to in the past few years.  Traveling the world while playing this game I love at a high level in champion’s league was an experience I will never forget.  I thought long and hard, and there were two major decisions that made it easy for me to come back to the states.  Family and football! My two biggest loves could finally meet again.

I have always been extremely close to my family. I was born and raised in a small town in NJ with my family being at every game near or far. So when it came to making a college decision I chose to stay in my backyard and play at Rutgers University, partially so that they could see me play.  When my opportunity came to play professional soccer I wanted to finally spread my wings and play overseas. With that decision, my family never had the chance to see me play at the professional level.  So now that this opportunity has come again I couldn’t resist.  To look up and see my mom and dad in the stands when I step on the field for the first time with my jersey on will be an emotional moment for me.

When it comes to football I couldn’t ask for a better league to play in.  I played on championship teams overseas, but now I am playing in the top league in the world with some of the best players in the world.  Moving up to buffalo was going to be a new adventure for me but I was excited.  Now that I am here I couldn’t have asked for a better football environment to be a part of.  Preseason has just ended and the quality of training, players, coaching and competition is extremely high.  Everyone is constantly fighting for positions and playing time.  This is the type of environment that you want to be a part of at such a high level.  Always improving and always learning.

I am so excited to for this opportunity and to get this season started with the Flash.  Nothing will be handed to you as a player.  Every minute you play will be earned.  Every game you suit up for will be earned.  Every game you travel to will be earned.  Every chance to represent your Flash colors and gear will be earned.  It won’t be earned in a day, a week, a preseason, or a few months. It will be earned minute by minute with the work we put in throughout the entire season.  Nothing is promised, so this roster spot that I have earned during preseason I now have to keep.  The starting 11 is where everyone wants to be, and I will be on my grind everyday to earn that spot in the next 24 plus games this season! April 13th is our season opener and I am looking forward to it.

Kristen Edmonds is a midfielder/defender who currently plays for the NWSL’s Western New York Flash.  She previously played for Rossiyanka in the Russian League.  Follow her on Twitter.


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