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International Postcard with Beverly Goebel: Time Slows Down for No One

Time waits for no one….

This weekend my husband and I participated in a coed tournament in Phoenix Arizona and had an opportunity to visit with some family and friends. We met some people for the first time and reunited with those whom we haven’t seen in while.

Arizona holds some good memories for me. One of my fondest memories was visiting with my great Aunt and Uncle Benjamin. When I was younger, we’d always stop by to see them while traveling to a soccer tournament in Tucson, Aunt Eileen would always make us home made chocolate chip cookies to take on the road with us.

My sister and I participated in this tournament for several years when we were younger. Now at age 25, I found myself in Phoenix AZ. The place we would stop to take a break and continue the short journey to Tucson. Here I was participating in a coed tournament and my parents would be in town. We all took the opportunity to visit my great Aunt and Uncle.

I knew time had passed, but I wasn’t aware of how much. Seeing them was a heartfelt reminder that time waits for no one. As I looked into my great Uncles eyes and seeing him smile, I see the youthful spirit that remains in his heart.

As I walked up and down the hallways, I noticed the pictures displayed on the walls and table space from many different eras. From great grandparents, to parents, to children, to grand children. Seeing the different generations scattered among the room was an inexplainable feeling.

Here I was staring at pictures of a young man in an Air Force uniform and I glance over my shoulder to an elderly man sitting in his chair using a cane to move around. It felt as if time continued to tick away at an amazing rate. It allowed me to reflect on my life, and all my loved ones.

I began to feel tears well up in my eyes as I remembered my most recent visit home when I noticed my father aging and my mothers few strands of grey hair. It’s the scariest feeling seeing the two people who mean the world to you aging. You never want to believe it.

But time continues to pass anyways. I notice it more now as I’m gone for longer periods of time. It’s taught me to spend more time and share love with those whom you care about. You only have some much time to do so. Make memories!

Time doesn’t wait for anyone. It’s important we chase our dreams and spend time with those we love.

Beverly Goebel is a forward/midfielder who recently signed with the Seattle Reign in the NWSL.  She previously played for Inac Kobe Leonessa in Japan.  She played two seasons in WPS, playing for the Washington Freedom in 2010 and for the 2011 WPS Champions Western New York Flash.  She also contributes to Pitchside Report , One World Sports and Women’s Soccer United.  You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram.


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