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Sky Blue FC Defender Coco Goodson Talks Coaching, Teaching and more

Sky Blue FC defender Coco Goodson has been back in the classroom this offseason and was an assistant coach for UC Irvine’s women’s soccer team. In the second offseason adventures Q&A, she talks coaching, the best advice she’s been given, her futures in NWSL and in the classroom and gives fans a hint at what the infamous #BEEZUP stands for.

What have you been up to in the off-season?

This offseason I am finishing up my degree at UC Irvine and coaching the women’s team. I love being around the girls and coaching staff again.  I have also found a love/hate relationship with Crossfit.

You’re currently coaching at UC-Irvine.  What is the biggest lesson you’ve been able to pass on to the team?  What do you think they’re taught you?

Coaching is a lot different from playing. I can’t just go out there and do it the way I would like to; I have to convey my thoughts and vision to the players. That’s what this experience has taught me to improve upon.

What’s your take on ways to grow the game?

I think the game can grow in many ways. One in particular is involving the fans and the young players more, sharing our love for the game with them. They are the future of our sport and I would love to inspire them to keep living their dreams.

At what point did you realize you wanted to pursue a professional soccer career?Honestly I have dreamed about playing professional soccer since I was a little girl. I used to go to all of the San Diego Spirit (WUSA) games when I was younger and wanted to be just like them.

What advices do you have for those who want to pursue a career as a pro athlete?

You can do whatever you set your mind on, don’t ever stop believing in yourself because only you can control where you get to in life. Never give up.

What’s your favorite movie? TV show?

I love movies but especially Disney and sports/ inspirational movies. Finding Nemo, Remember the Titans, and Forrest Gump are a few of my favorites. I don’t watch a lot of tv but I really like the Big Bang Theory.

Do you have a nickname?

Yes! My nickname is CoCo or Co. Most people don’t know that my real name is Courtney.

Can you share with us favorite and/or funny Sky Blue moments?

I love my Sky Blue team, we always had a great time. There are no dull moments when you have Brittany Cameron on your team. One of my favorite times with the team is when we played “A Minute To Win It”. There were so many laughs during that practice.

Are you planning on teaching at some point in the future?

Yes I do plan on teaching after I am done playing. I really enjoy being around kids.  They teach me just as much as I teach them

How did college soccer prepare you for soccer in Europe, and later in the nwsl?

College soccer helped me develop my vision of the field. It helped me read how the game was moving and what passes would break down the other team as easy as possible.

What’s it like playing with the national team players?

Playing with the national team players is amazing. We all feed off of their knowledge and they help us get better everyday.

Are you planning to continue playing in the NWSL?

I do plan on continuing to play in the NWSL. I think the league has cultivated a great atmosphere for women’s soccer. I could not ask for a better environment to play in.

What is one piece of advice Coach Scott Juniper (UCI) told you that helped you get to where you are now?

Be true to yourself, be the best CoCo Goodson you can be.

Do you prefer a 4-4-2 or a 3-4-3 and why?

I personally prefer a 4-4-2 or 4-3-3. Playing with four in the back allows the outside backs to attack the opponent’s outside backs and make runs up the flank.  At this level it is very hard to play with only three defenders in the back. The three would have to stay back and would not allow the outside backs the freedom to move forward.

 What is BEEZUP?!

#Beezup is something that is motivating to our team. Sometimes there are special sayings that stay within the team. I’ll give you a hint though, #Beezup stands for 3 words that start with the letter B and the first is Blues, a nickname for the Sky Blue players. 

Coco Goodson is a defender currently playing for Sky Blue FC in the National Women’s Soccer League. She started all 22 matches for Sky Blue, tallying one goal and adding an assist.


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