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International Postcard with Beverly Goebel: Listen, Learn and Grow

Finding light in other peoples opinions, can be a difficult task. From those opinions shared within a team, those amongst friends, coworkers and even family members.

I walked into the local library this week and while searching the English section, something in particular caught my eye. I leaned closer and the spine of the book read, “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff, It’s All Small Stuff.” Immediately intrigued by the books title I pulled it off the shelf and quickly flipped through the pages. The book was made of several short 2 page chapters. Each chapter addressing everyday situations we tend to stress about. The author attempted to use examples through his own experiences to explain how the things we tend to stress about are really just the small stuff.

One chapter in particular caught my attention, the chapter’s title was “Search for the grain of truth in other opinions.” While reading through the chapter, I stumbled upon a quote that jump started my brain’s engine into further exploration.

“Almost every opinion has some merit, especially if we are looking for merit, rather than looking for errors”

I immediately began applying this quote to my life on and off the field. In order to be successful as a team it is important we share opinions and work together. It does no good to point fingers and dismiss another players’ opinion. We can listen and search for information in the opinion we can use to better our game.

imageLearning from each other at practice
(Photo courtesy of Inac Kobe trainer Takedasan)

Learning from those around you is one of the best ways to learn. The people that surround you, know your ability better than anyone else.  They witness your performance daily, their opinions should be valued. No matter how old you are, or how many years you’ve been playing the sport there’s always more you can learn.

Take something from the opinion that may better you as a person or player. If you truly feel the opinion was unfair then use it to drive you forward. If it’s one you feel is accurate help yourself to get back on track. If the opinion was a compliment take it with a smile on your face and continue to push yourself.

The beauty of growing into an admirable individual is understanding people have different opinions. Everyone was raised differently and endured different experiences throughout their lives. Sharing these different opinions can be things that help form who we are, and who we will become. It’s all how we perceive them. It takes far too much time and effort to argue an opinion and much less time to simply listen. You can choose to take what you want from an opinion, but don’t ignore them.

You may find that taking the time out to find merit in others opinions, may inspire others to do the same. You always want to set a good example for those around you. You never know who is watching and who you could inspire!

Listen, Learn and Grow; it’s essential to becoming the person and player you’d like to be 🙂

Beverly Goebel is a forward/midfielder currently playing for Inac Kobe Leonessa in Japan.  She played two seasons in WPS, playing for the Washington Freedom in 2010 and for the 2011 WPS Champions Western New York Flash.  She also contributes to Pitchside Report , One World Sports and Women’s Soccer United.  You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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