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International Postcard with Beverly Goebel: Believing in Consistency

As athletes, or shall I say as people, we are constantly questioning ourselves and our abilities. I’m sure we are confident in some areas, but for the most part we all have some area we are unsure of. Is it because we endure this fear of failure which further more promotes a lack of belief in ourselves? Some would say it’s just not their area of expertise, others would claim they just aren’t good in that area. Whatever the case may be I believe how we view it, is how it plays out.

“By determining the thoughts that go in, you also are determining precisely what will come out.”
I believe being a consistent player is one of the hardest things. You can spend hours out on the field kicking against a wall working on your touch, shooting and dribbling skills. But the truth is, if you don’t believe you are capable of such abilities you won’t be able to use them to their full potential. Having positive encouraging thoughts before attempting to perform the task can help immensely in the outcome and your overall growth to becoming a consistent player.
kicking ball at wall - 08-2013

Inac Kobe Clubhouse
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 Take for example when you read articles in the newspapers how a man lifts a car off another man single handedly and saves his life. You think that person could sit in the gym lifting a similar weight to that of a car daily and perform such a miracle. I think he believed in himself, he told himself he was going to lift the car and there was no other choice. He determined the outcome before even performing the task. Belief can go a long way and pertains to every aspect of life.
When I came to Inac a year and a half ago, I was asked to step into the center forward position as there was no room in the midfield and the starting player at center forward was injured. My first thought was fear because I had never played this position before, my second thought was how can I become the center forward this team needs. The truth is we all have negative thoughts, its our natural first reactions. The idea is to accept the reaction and tell yourself it’s not going to effect you. Throw the negative out as quickly as possible and focus on the positive, this will change the outcome and effect how quickly you can adapt. I’ve now played forward for two seasons and am thankful for the experience.
team ad - 08-2013Courtesy of
I’ve gained respect for many different positions on the field as this experience gave me a new perspective of the game. It’s kind of like when you sit in the back row of the classroom all semester and one day you move to a seat in the front. You see the classroom from a completely different perspective, although nothing physically changed. You may even notice things you didn’t see all semester. Always be open to seeing life from different perspectives and let these different view form a more well rounded you.
It’s important to look at obstacles in life as just those “obstacles.” Knowing we can jump over them, go under them, slide by them, however you personally need to get around. We will face an abundance of obstacles throughout our lifetime, we must dodge them as quickly as possible and stay on the correct path. In turn inspiring others to do the same.
“We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand”
team - sunflowers - 08-2013Photo courtesy of Takeda-San

Beverly Goebel is a forward/midfielder currently playing for Inac Kobe Leonessa in Japan.  She played two seasons in WPS, playing for the Washington Freedom in 2010 and for the 2011 WPS Champions Western New York Flash.  She also contributes to Pitchside Report and One World Sports.  You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

All photos were provided by Beverly Goebel

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  1. Hello! I’ve been following your website for a long time now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a
    shout out from Houston Texas! Just wanted to mention keep up the good job!

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