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Fantasy Shots: Week 10

Thus begins several weeks of National Team call-ips, double games, and bye weeks. And, for me, this begins two months of craaziness in my adopted hometown of Saratoga Springs, NY. The racing season begins on Junly 19 and runs until Labor Day, so I can almost guarantee my viweingship of the NWSL games will drop dramatically. I will try to keep updated on the fantasy league, but I can’t promise anything. If, for some reason, I can’t update, we may have a guest writer or two help out. My poor brain may melt by the end of it all.

But we’re here now, so let’s focus on this week.

Week 9 was the first week of the season that all four games ended in shutouts.

Western New York topped Sky Blue FC 3-0, making the Flash the only team in the league to have defeated Sky Blue FC.

Chicago Red Stars extended their win streak to two in a row after edging out the Boston Breakers 1-0, with midfielder Lori Chalupny providing the game-winner.

FC Kansas City narrowly defeated a stronger-looking Seattle Reign side 1-0 after a mistake by Reign goalkeeper Hope Solo assisted in the Blue’s lone goal.

Finally on Thursday, Kansas City scored a goal in each half to shut out the Red Stars 2-0.

Top Four Point Leaders in each position for Week 9:

Goalkeepers: A. Franch (WNY, 20.5 points), E. McLeod# (CHI, 18 points), N. Barnhart# (FCKC, 18 points), B. Henninger (FCKC, 16 points)

Defenders: L. Robinson (FCKC, 12.5 points), M. Mathias (FCKC, 10.5o points), A. Sahlen (WNY, 9 points), B. Taylor (WNY, 8 points)

Midfielders: E. Tymrak (FCKC, 17 points), C. Loyd (FCKC, 15 points), L. Chalupny (CHI, 12 points), L. Cheney# (FCKC, 11 points),

Forwards: A. Wambach# (WNY, 20 points), C. Jones (FCKC, 17 points), S. Kerr (WNY, 16 points), M. Henderson (FCKC, 6.5 points)

FC Lake Placid: Week 9 Team (*denotes captain, #denotes allocated)

Formation: 4-4-2

Points Earned: 97.5

Week 9 standing: 117

Overall Standing: 210 (up 87 spots from Week 8)

Goalkeeper: N. Barnhart# (FCKC)

Defenders: L. Robinson (FCKC), K. Johnson (SBFC), C. Goodson (SBFC), C. Whitehill (BOS)

Midfielders: L. Chalupny (CHI), S. Schmidt# (SBFC), L. Sanderson (BOS), L. Cheney# (FCKC)

Forwards: L. DeVanna (SBFC), A. Wambach# (WNY)

Week 10 Schedule:
WSH vs WNY – Sat 7:00pm
POR vs SEA – Sun 5:00pm
FCKC vs CHI – Sun 4:10pm
BOS vs SBFC – Sun 6:30pm
CHI vs WNY – Wed 7:30pm
match times listed in EDT

USWNT: All USWNT members who were called into camp will not be available for Week 10. Click here for the full list of players.

CANWNT: All CANWNT members who were called into camp will not be available for Week 10. Click here for the full list of players.

WALES: Jessica Fishlock (SEA) will be unavailable for Sunday’s match.

AUSTRALIA: No word if Sam Kerr (WNY) will be available for the Flash’s Wednesday night match. Australia plays New Zealand on Sunday, but no official word on if Kerr will be back for the Flash’s match.

Lineups are going to be a bit of a crapshoot this week, what with the absense of national team players, double games, and tired teams like Chicago and FC Kansas City. At first glance, some matchups might be more favorable than others, but looking deeper and remembering the lack of national teamers, one starts to remember the first week involving national team commitments, where teams who were “expected” to perform well flopped and teams who were at the bottom of the rankings were able to pull off a win.

Could this be Seattle’s chance to get a win against a Portland side who struggled without Beuhler, Morgan and Sinclair? FC Kansas City is the hardest-hit team as far as numbers missing, with six players with their national teams (seven, if you include the injured Renae Cuellar). Boston faces a Sky Blue side that throttled them 5-1 last time they met in a national team week. Could it happen again? Western New York plays twice, against a struggling Washington side and against Chicago, who will be at the tail end of a marathon of games.

No one really stands out this week as far as prime choices go. A plethora of people could step up and perform, and just as many could flop.

So, choose at your own risk, but really, there’s not a lot you can do besides that. As always, I’ll do my best to recommend players, but it’s tough when we’ve only seen one week of ten without national team gamers.

Picks for Week 10 (*denotes captain/~denotes vice-captain/#denotes allocated player)

Formation: 4-4-2

Goalkeeper: T. Vancil (CHI)

T. Vancil (CHI): Could be a risk this week with a tiring line in front of her, but a double gamer with shown potential. Chicago faces an FCKC side that will drastically change with the absense of their “star” players (6-7 of their roster) and later will face Western New York without Abby Wambach and Carli Lloyd. The second matchup is a little more dangerous for Vancil, but if she’s on her game, she’ll do big things.

WATCH LIST: K. LeBlanc (POR), A. Franch (WNY), B. Henninger (FCKC), A. Harris (WAS)

K. LeBlanc# (POR): Surprsie omission from Canada’s WNT, LeBlanc is a solid choice in goal no matter who she’s playing. Facing a potentially stagnent Seattle side, but without the support of Rachel Buehler in the back.

A. Franch (WNY): Another double gamer with at least one potentially good matchup against what will surely be a tired Chicago side.

B. Henninger (FCKC): Solid against Chicago last week, so expect similar results, though FCKC will be without nearly half of their starters.

A. Harris (WAS): Quiet since her beginning maelstrom, but Washington has enjoyed a couple bye weeks. Solid choice between the posts if you want to risk her as a single gamer.

Defenders: L. Robinson (FCKC), M. Dougherty (POR), A. Sahlen (WNY), S. Fuss (CHI)

L. Robinson (FCKC): She’s been on my lineup for the past four or five weeks and has brought me points each time, so I see no reason to omit her. We’ll see how she handles the backline.

M. Dougherty (POR): A solid choice whenever Portland plays. Facing Seattle’s Nairn could be an issue, but Doughterty is still dangerous on set pieces.

A. Sahlen (WNY): Showing potential to get forward on the attack. If you fancy WNY coming away with a clean sheet, she could be worth the spot.

S. Fuss (CHI): Not too impressive last week and quiet on the points end of things, but with two games, she could see a clean sheet.

WATCH LIST: K. Johnson (SBFC), C. Goodson (SBFC), B. Taylor (WNY), C. Foord (SBFC), N. Marshall (POR)

K. Johnson (SBFC): Looks to be one of the most solid fantasy choices for defenders, so if you fancy Sky Blue’s chances against Boston, don’t hesitate.

C. Goodson (SBFC): On-or-off, but if Sky Blue can pull off another clean sheet, she could get some points.

B. Taylor (WNY): Getting forward and offensive, and has double games this week, so could make something happen.

N. Marshall (POR): If she plays outside, she has the potential to bring in points, but she could be moved into the middle to take over Buehler’s vacancy, and if that happens, she won’t have a lot of chance to attack.

C. Foord (SBFC): Seems to always be a threat on the outside. If she can control her fouls, and if Sky Blue can put something together against Boston, she could be a worthy player.

Midfielders: L. Chalupny (CHI), C. Nairn (SEA), E. Tymrak (FCKC), J. Robinson (WNY)

L. Chalupny (CHI): I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who was not pleased with Chalupny coming off the bench last week instead of starting, but with two games this week and being one of Chicago’s best players right now, Chalupny is almost guaranteed at least one start.

C. Nairn (SEA): She may be the first Reign I’ve had on my roster since week 1, but Nairn has been shooting up a storm. Could she see the back of the net against an iffy Portland midfield?

E. Tymrak (FCKC): Seems to have come out of nowhere but is probably FCKC’s best chance at goals this week.

J. Robinson (WNY): She’s had her moments, but if she doesn’t start, it could be trouble for a fantasy coach.

WATCH LIST: T. Lytle (SBFC), L. Lindsay (WAS), C. Loyd (FCKC), L. Sanderson (BOS), N. Washington (POR), V. Perez (WNY)

T. Lytle (SBFC): Seems to have cooled off, but she’ll be one that Sky Blue will look to to score some goals or get chances off against Boston.

L. Lindsay (WAS): Could lightning strike again? She needs to step up for Washington and try and control a dominating Western New York midfield.

L. Sanderson (BOS): Never one to be counted out, Sanderson has had good points, and then some bad weeks. Without Heather O’Reilly to work with, she could have some trouble.

N. Washington (POR): Could this be her week to bounce back and make a statement? Perhaps the absense of Christine Sinclair will boost her into a position to make a difference.

V. Perez (WNY): With Wambach and Kerr missing, this would be a good week for Perez to make something happen. But she’s been pretty lackluster as far as fantasy points goes.

Forwards: L. DeVanna (SBFC), C. Jones (FCKC)

L. DeVanna (SBFC): Take a chance on DeVanna and she could make or break a week. Last week struggled (a measly 1.5 points) but the last time Sky Blue faced Boston, she had two goals, including that incredible bicycle kick. Could she do it again?

C. Jones (FCKC): They’ll look to her with Cuellar likely out, but will she get service up top without Cheney or Scott? Has the potential to wreck havoc on a tired Chicago side.

WATCH LIST: A. Martin (WNY), K. Schoepfer (BOS), K. Simon (BOS), D. Adams (SBFC), D. Foxhoven (POR)

A. Martin (WNY): Will be the go-to without Wambach or Lloyd in the mix and has two games. Potential is there, but she needs to capitalize. It’ll be a make or break week so risk her if you have a gut feeling.

K. Schoepfer (BOS): Will face a numbers depleated FCKC side, but without O’Reilly to play with. Could do something if she can get through Sky Blue’s backline.

K. Simon (BOS): More potential, but hasn’t had many points of late.

D. Adams (SBFC): Could play up top with DeVanna, so she had some definite chances. If you have a feeling or would rather not risk DeVanna, Adams may be your best forward option.

D. Foxhoven (POR): Not too impressive as a started, though she seems to work wonders off the bench. She could yet prove me wrong.


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