National Women's Soccer League

Fantasy Shots: Week 9

I’m starting to think I don’t actually know what I’m talking about after two horrid weeks in a row. Hopefully yours was better! I made some critical last-minute changes that completely destroyed any chance I had at points, so I’ll reinforce this week: FOLLOW YOUR GUT!

Let’s recap a rather crazy week 8. First off, many of the league’s players were representing their respective national teams as the US Women’s National team beat the Canadians 3-0 on Sunday, June 2.

As such, the NWSL teams who played that weekend did so without their star players. This made the resulting games very interesting indeed.

Sky Blue defeated Boston in an absolute rout of 5-1 on Saturday, June 1. NWSL Player of the Week Lisa DeVanna scored two of those goals, one of them being an absolutely brilliant bicycle kick that will no doubt be one of the best goals of the year.

The Chicago Red Stars earned their first win of the season, shutting out the Portland Thorns 2-0. The three points was desperately needed, and though it came with Portland’s Alex Morgan and Christine Sinclair out with their national teams, it was a crucial win.

Western New York Flash scored the equalizer late in the match to tie the Boston Breakers 2-2 and pick up another point.

Finally, in one of the highest scoring games of the season so far, Portland eeked out a 4-3 win over FC Kansas City. US National Team members Lauren Cheney (FCKC) and Alex Morgan (Portland) each scored two goals for their teams.

Top Four Point Leaders in each position for Week 7:

Goalkeepers: T. Vancil (CHI, 18 points), A. Baker (SBFC, 10 points), B. Cameron (SBFC, 7 points), K. LeBlanc (POR, 5 points)

Defenders: J. Santacaterina (CHI, 16 points), L. Vandenberg (CHI, 10 points), M. Wenino (CHI, 9.5 points), M. Dougherty (POR, 7 points)

Midfielders: L. Cheney (FCKC, 26.5 points), Z. Bywaters (CHI, 12.5 points), A. Long (POR, 11.5 points), L. Sanderson (BOS, 11 points)

Forwards: L. DeVanna (SBFC, 29.5 points), D. Adams (SBFC, 23.5 points), A. Morgan (21.5 points), D. Foxhoven (POR, 13.5 points)/A. Wambach (WNY, 13.5 points)

FC Lake Placid: Week 8 Team (*denotes captain, #denotes allocated)

Formation: 4-4-2

Points Earned: 77

Week 8 standing: 493

Overall Standing: 297

Goalkeeper: B. Cameron (SBFC)

Defenders: M. Dougherty (POR), C. Goodson (SBFC), C. Whitehill (BOS), L. Robinson (FCKC)

Midfielders: L. Cheney# (FCKC), L. Chalupny (CHI), L. Sanderson (FCKC), H. O’Reilly (BOS)

Forwards: R. Cuellar (FCKC), K. Simon (BOS)

WEEK 8 SCHEDULE (All times listed EDT)
SBFC vs WNY – Sat 7:00pm
CHI vs BOS – Sun 4:00pm
SEA vs FCKC – Sun 10:00pm
CHI vs FCKC – Thu 7:30pm

PLEASE NOTE while the Chicago and FCKC WNT players will be with their respective teams for their first games, they will not be available for the second as the national team plays South Korea on June 15.

Samantha Kerr will miss the 6/15 game v Washington and maybe the 6/19 game against Chicago due to a national team call up for her native Australia. Lisa DeVanna and Caitlin Foord did NOT get a call up, so will be available for their games.

Portland and Washington DO NOT play this week.

US National Team celebrates a goal by Sydney Leroux on Sunday

US National Team celebrates a goal by Sydney Leroux on Sunday

Picks for Week 9 (*denotes captain/~denotes vice-captain/#denotes allocated player)

Formation: 4-4-2

Goalkeeper: B. Cameron (SBFC)

B. Cameron (SBFC): Always a solid choice, though she didn’t have a windfall of a round in eight.


B. Henninger (FCKC): Will probably start mid-week with Barnhart on National Team duty. Has a potentially good matchup against Chicago.

T. Vancil (CHI): A potentially strong pick, but be careful: McLeod seems to be healthy and could come back in the lineup any time.

N. Barnhart# (FCKC): Faces a rather tame Seattle side, but with the inclusion of Solo, perhaps Seattle will have a boost. Barnhart could have some good chances to score points.

Defenders: L. Robinson (FCKC), K. Johnson (SBFC), C. Goodson (SBFC), A. Sahlen (WNY)

L. Robinson (FCKC): One of FCKC’s best fantasy options with two matchups this week. Can you afford to not have her?

K. Johnson (SBFC): Sky Blue has the best line of defenders this week, so don’t hesitate to start them. Johnson has one of the highest point totals of the NWSL defenders.

C. Goodson (SBFC): Kind of a bust last week, but facing a leaky Western New York defense. On set pieces, she’s deadly.

A. Sahlen (WNY): If WNY can pull their defense together, she’s a potential point-gainer.


C. Whitehill (BOS): Not a great matchup, but Boston’s best option in the backline

C. Foord (SBFC): If you’d like three SBFC defenders in your backline, go ahead and add Foord in. A bust last week, but she should be scoring soon.

S. Fuss (CHI): Worth a shot if you think Chicago can pull off a clean sheet this week.

Midfielders: L. Cheney# (FCKC), L. Chalupny (CHI), S. Schmidt# (SBFC), L. Sanderson (FCKC)

L. Cheney# (FCKC): Can you afford not to have Cheney? She’s on fire, and doesn’t look like she’s going to be slowing down anytime soon.

L. Chalupny (CHI): Tough matchups, but a fair option in the midfield. Double game, so has two chances to score some points.

S. Schmidt# (SBFC): A likely option if you’d like to risk it. On and off, but if she’s on, could be huge.

L. Sanderson (BOS): I’ve paid off with her in my lineup for two weeks, so I’m going to keep her in for now.


Z. Bywaters (CHI): Could be an option, but Chicago has a couple tough matchups.

H. O’Reilly# (BOS): I screamed in terror as HAO was subbed out after 45 minutes the last game. Could have been due to her national team duty, but is pretty solid to play a full 90.

C. Nairn (SEA): Phantom point gainer. Could be worth a shot.

C. Lloyd# (WNY): Takes shots, knows how to score goals, but keep an eye on those bookings and fouls. She’s prone.

T. Lytle (SBFC): Has been fantastic the last couple of weeks. With Schmidt back in the lineup, she could resort to being a sub, but she’s nothing if not a Super Sub.

Forwards: L. DeVanna (SBFC), A. Wambach# (WNY)

L. DeVanna (SBFC): Did you see that last game? Facing a defense with some major leaks. Could be potentially huge again, but she also tends to switch off as fast as she switches on.

A. Wambach# (WNY): Highest points per match in fantasy thus far, but Sky Blue has an excellent defense, and with Christie Rampone around to mark Wambach, she could have a tough time.


S. Leroux# (BOS): Hopefully she’ll be back on the starting lineup after scoring mid-week. If she keeps up her goal-streak (I’m including her goal off the bench in the USWNT’s win over Canada) she could be big. Facing a potentially iffy Chicago backline.

D. Adams (SBFC): Potentially worth the spot. She’s been solid and against a leaky WNY backline, could be happening.

S. Kerr: Playing with Australia this week so not a good option.

K. Schoepfer (BOS): Could get some looks on goal against Chicago if the Red Stars haven’t organized their defense yet.

K. O’Hara#(SBFC): Not worth the risk as she’s been pulled back to outside defense one too many times. Unfortunately, not a good option on fantasy paper.

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