National Women's Soccer League

Fantasy Shots: Week 7

Whoowee. That was a fun week. Fairly predictable games lead to some great points (and all three games ended as shut-outs), though there were some frustrations to be had (DeVanna and her missed PK specifically). But just like that, we’re headed into Week 7. I don’t know how it is for you who have been playing since the beginning, but I feel like time has flown by, though I kicked off my team in Week 3.

Sky Blue FC has had their best start in franchise history with their third-straight shutout victory, beating Seattle Reign 3-0 with goals from DeVanna, Schmidt and Lytle.

Portland shut out the visiting Washington Spirit 2-0 with goals from Christine Sinclair and Alex Morgan.

The final undefeated team, the Boston Breakers, met their downfall in Kansas City FC, as the Blues shut them out 2-0 with goals from Lauren Cheney and Renae Cuellar.

Sky Blue FC captain Christie Rampone defends against Portland Thorn Alex Morgan on Thursday

Sky Blue FC captain Christie Rampone defends against Portland Thorn Alex Morgan on Thursday

Top Four Point Leaders in each position for Week 6:

Goalkeepers: B. Cameron (SBFC, 22.50 points), N. Barnhart (FCKC, 18 points), K. LeBlanc (POR, 16.50 points), H. Kopmeyer (SEA, 9 points)

Defenders: M. Dougherty (POR, 9.50 points), C. Foord (SBFC, 8.50 points), L. Sesselmann (FCKC, 7 points), C. Goodson (SBFC)/K. Williamson (POR)/K. Johnson (SBFC)/L. Robinson (FCKC)/C. Rampone (SBFC) 6 points

Midfielders: L. Cheney (FCKC, 17 points), C. Sinclair (POR, 15.5 points), C. Nairn (SEA, 12 points), S. Schmidt (SBFC)/T. Lytle (SBFC) 10 points

Forwards: A. Morgan (POR, 16.50 points), K. O’Hara (16.50 points), R. Cuellar (FCKC, 15.50 points), L. DeVanna (SBFC, 12.50 points),

FC Lake Placid: Week 6 Team (*denotes captain, #denotes allocated)

Formation: 4-4-2

Points Earned: 134.00

Week 5 standing: 37

Overall Standing: 329 (up 215 spots from Week 5)

Goalkeeper: B. Cameron (SBFC)

Defenders: N. Marshall (POR), C. Goodson (SBFC), L. Robinson (FCKC), B. Johnson (SBFC)

Midfielders: L. Cheney# (FCKC), H. O’Reilly# (BOS), C. Sinlair# (POR), S. Schmidt# (SBFC)

Forwards: A. Morgan*# (POR), L. DeVanna (SBFC)



Western New York v. Chicago (Friday, 7:05pm)

Boston Breakers v. Washington (Saturday, 7:00pm)

FC Kansas City v. Sky Blue FC (Saturday, 8:35pm)

Seattle Reign v. Portland Thorns (Saturday, 10:00pm)
*match times listed in EDT

The US and Canadian National Team Players named to their national rosters will be with their clubs this weekend before departing for Toronto where the two teams will face off on June 2.

Abby Wambach and the Western New York kick off the weekend against Chicago on Friday, May 24th at 7:05pm ET. Chicago continues to look for their first win.

Boston hosts Washington on Saturday, May 25th with kickoff at 7pm ET. Washington will look to achieve their second win.

FC Kansas City hosts first-place Sky Blue FC on Saturday, kicking off at 7:35pm ET.

Seattle is still looking to pick up their first win, but is facing a strong Portland side.
That match takes place on Saturday, May 25 at 10:pm ET.

Picks for Week 7 (*denotes captain/~denotes vice-captain/#denotes allocated player)

Formation: 4-4-2

Goalkeeper: A. Franch (WNY)

Franch has a good matchup against Chicago. While Abby Wambach and the Flash will likely wreck havoc on a weak Red Stars side that is functioning without Shannon Boxx, they still are likely to put one or two shots on goal.


K. LeBlanc# (POR): Facing down a floundering Seattle side, LeBlanc is almost guaranteed a clean sheet (but don’t quote me on that!). May not be worth the allocated spot with another option in Franch.

B. Cameron (SBFC): If Cameron plays (there’s the ever-growing possibility that Jill Loyden will return soon) she’ll have a good match against Renae Cuellar and the Kansas City Blues. It may not be a clean sheet, and Sky Blue may not even win, but she should get some saves.

A. Philips (BOS): Facing down Washington is touch and go it seems. If Washington’s attack is on, they’ll give Philips a lot to do. If they’re struggling, Philips and Boston shouldn’t have trouble.

Defenders: M. Dougherty (POR), N. Marshall (POR), L. Robinson (FCKC), B. Taylor (WNY)

M. Dougherty (POR): A virtual no-brainer. With Portland’s matchup especially.

N. Marshall (POR): Not too active last week, but again, with the matchup against Seattle, Marshall should have a clean sheet at least.

L. Robinson (FCKC): With Sauerbrunn out last week, Robinson and FCKC’s backline still held their own. One of the better bets to get forward on the attack, Robinson has been fairly steady in gathering points.

B. Taylor (WNY): Could be another non-allocated option for the back line, though she’s not too heavy of a point-gatherer.


C. Rampone# (SBFC): It would be foolish to omit the NWSL Player of the Week from this. But since there are other non-allocated options

A. Kreiger# (WAS): A fantasy dream in the last couple weeks with goals and attacks through the back. There are other non-allocated options, however.

C. Foord (SBFC): Seems to be a consistantly good option to have in the back. Against FCKC, Sky Blue might not get a clean sheet, but Foord has the tendency to be in the right place at the right time on set pieces close to goal.

E. Johnson (WNY): With a matchup against Chicago, could be a clean sheet there.

K. Johnson (SBFC): A possible clean sheet to be had. The Sky Blue back line has been playing very well together.

Midfielders: C. Sinclair# (POR), D. Matheson# (WAS), L. Cheney# (FCKC), L. Chalupny (CHI)

C. Sinclair# (POR): Let’s all cheer that she’s officially listed a midfielder! She should have a busy game against Seattle’s weak midfield.

D. Matheson# (WAS): A viable option in the midfield in the last couple of weeks. On and off with goals, but against Boston, she could do some damage.

L. Cheney# (FCKC): Seems foolish to leave her off the roster of late as she is quickly becoming a fantasy dream. She’s on fire the last couple of weeks.

L. Chalupny (CHI): If you need a non-allocated player in the midfield, Chalupny is it. She’s been arguably the most active Red Star as far as attack, but she’s one of the most consistent players on the pitch anywhere.


C. Lloyd# (WNY): She came off the bench in her first game back and immediately made an impact. Her energy level in itself makes her a good option, particularly against Chicago’s weak midfield.

H. O’Reilly# (BOS): Not a huge player in fantasy points the last couple of weeks, but she’s everywhere on the field and usually dishes the ball out pretty well. Another breakout game is on the way.

T. Lytle (SBFC): The “super sub” of the last couple of weeks, Lytle has two goals in the last two games. Could she get a third?

M. Zerboni (WNY): A non-allocated option if you need one.

Forwards: A. Wambach#* (WNY), A. Morgan (*POR)

A. Wambach# (WNY): No brainer. Three goals in four games, and two of those were match-winners. Chicago will have no match for her in the air on set pieces.

A. Morgan# (POR): Despite being shut down by Christie Rampone and Sky Blue FC, Morgan seems unstoppable. The Fantasy leader for forwards, Morgan and Thorns should have no trouble with Seattle.


R. Cuellar# (FCKC): A good option if you prefer taking a chance on FCKC upsetting Sky Blue’s defense.

K. O’Hara# (SBFC): Oh, O’Hara. Terrific when she’s on, a fantasy nightmare when she’s not, or when she’s put in the left-back. If Sky Blue keeps O’Hara up top with DeVanna, the two should be able to crack Sky Blue’s defense. But she’s hit-or-miss.

L. DeVanna (SBFC): Another good non-allocated option. If DeVanna can stay onsides and continue to put up shots on goal, she could net another.

S. Kerr (WNY): An excellent non-allocated option for the front line if you need it. She’ll work well with Wambach up top, and Wambach can dish ’em as well as she can finish ’em.


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